Construction company owner John Matthews learns that his estranged son, Jason, has been arrested for drug trafficking. Facing an unjust prison sentence for a first time offender courtesy of mandatory minimum sentence laws, Jason has nothing to offer for leniency in good conscience. Desperately, John convinces the DEA and the opportunistic DA Joanne Keeghan to let him go undercover to help make arrests big enough to free his son in return. With the unwitting help of an ex-con employee, John enters the narcotics underworld where every move could be his last in an operation that will demand all his resources, wits and courage to survive.

Directed by: Ric Roman Waugh
Genres: Thriller, Drama, Action,
Production Company: Exclusive Media, Participant, Imagenation Abu Dhabi FZ, Front Street Productions, Spitfire Pictures,

Snitch - How Far Would You Go To Save Your Son? - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 21-02-2013
  • Runtime: 112 Minutes
  • Popularity: 15.75
  • Vote Count: 1,959
  • IMDB Rating: 6.0
  • Budget: USD 35,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 42,930,462
  • Region: United States of America ( US ), United Arab Emirates ( AE ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Dwayne Johnson - Azwaad Movie Database Dwayne Johnson John Matthews
Barry Pepper - Azwaad Movie Database Barry Pepper Agent Cooper
Susan Sarandon - Azwaad Movie Database Susan Sarandon Joanne Keeghan
Benjamin Bratt - Azwaad Movie Database Benjamin Bratt Juan Carlos "El Topo" Pintera
Michael Kenneth Williams - Azwaad Movie Database Michael Kenneth Williams Malik
Melina Kanakaredes - Azwaad Movie Database Melina Kanakaredes Sylvie Collins
Nadine Velázquez - Azwaad Movie Database Nadine Velázquez Analisa
David Harbour - Azwaad Movie Database David Harbour Jay Price
Jon Bernthal - Azwaad Movie Database Jon Bernthal Daniel James
Harold Perrineau - Azwaad Movie Database Harold Perrineau Jeffrey Steele
Photo Name Department
Mary Vernieu-Production Mary Vernieu Production (Casting)
Antonio Pinto-Sound Antonio Pinto Sound (Music)
Jonathan King-Production Jonathan King Production (Producer)
Guy East-Production Guy East Production (Producer)
Nigel Sinclair-Production Nigel Sinclair Production (Producer)
Dwayne Johnson-Production Dwayne Johnson Production (Producer)
Becki Cross Trujillo-Production Becki Cross Trujillo Production (Executive Producer)
Kristin Bicksler-Art Kristin Bicksler Art (Set Decoration)
Justin Haythe-Writing Justin Haythe Writing (Screenplay)
Justin Haythe-Production Justin Haythe Production (Executive Producer)

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