Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Raj is a rich, carefree, happy-go-lucky second generation NRI. Simran is the daughter of Chaudhary Baldev Singh, who in spite of being an NRI is very strict about adherence to Indian values. Simran has left for India to be married to her childhood fiancé. Raj leaves for India with a mission at his hands, to claim his lady love under the noses of her whole family. Thus begins a saga.

Directed by: Aditya Chopra
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance,
Production Company: Yash Raj Films,

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge - Come Fall In love, All Over Again.. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 20-10-1995
  • Runtime: 190 Minutes
  • Popularity: 32.22
  • Vote Count: 4,247
  • IMDB Rating: 8.6
  • Budget: USD 13,200,000
  • Revenue: USD 100,000,000
  • Region: India ( IN ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Shah Rukh Khan - Azwaad Movie Database Shah Rukh Khan Raj Malhotra
Kajol - Azwaad Movie Database Kajol Simran Singh
Amrish Puri - Azwaad Movie Database Amrish Puri Chaudhry Baldev Singh
Anupam Kher - Azwaad Movie Database Anupam Kher Dharamvir Malhotra
Satish Shah - Azwaad Movie Database Satish Shah Ajit Singh
Farida Jalal - Azwaad Movie Database Farida Jalal Lajwanti 'Lajjo' Singh
Achala Sachdev - Azwaad Movie Database Achala Sachdev Simran's Grandmother
Himani Shivpuri - Azwaad Movie Database Himani Shivpuri Simran's Aunt
Pooja Ruparel - Azwaad Movie Database Pooja Ruparel Rajeshwari / Chutki
Mandira Bedi - Azwaad Movie Database Mandira Bedi Preeti Singh
Photo Name Department
Farah Khan-Crew Farah Khan Crew (Choreographer)
Yash Chopra-Production Yash Chopra Production (Producer)
Aditya Chopra-Writing Aditya Chopra Writing (Screenplay)
Aditya Chopra-Directing Aditya Chopra Directing (Director)
Aditya Chopra-Writing Aditya Chopra Writing (Dialogue)
Aditya Chopra-Writing Aditya Chopra Writing (Story)
Sharmishta Roy-Art Sharmishta Roy Art (Art Direction)
Karan Johar-Costume & Make-Up Karan Johar Costume & Make-Up (Costume Design)
Uday Chopra-Production Uday Chopra Production (Associate Producer)
Jatin Pandit-Sound Jatin Pandit Sound (Original Music Composer)

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The Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is a film considered by most to be one of the greatest ever made. From The American Film Institute to as voted by users on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) it is consider to be one of the best.

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