After 8-year-old So-won narrowly survives a brutal sexual assault, her family labors to help her heal while coping with their own rage and grief.

Directed by: Lee Joon-ik Lee Sang-yong
Genres: Drama,
Production Company: Lotte Entertainment, Film Momentum, Michigan Venture Capital,

Hope - We won't let her shed tears again - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 02-10-2013
  • Runtime: 122 Minutes
  • Popularity: 43.04
  • Vote Count: 265
  • IMDB Rating: 8.6
  • Budget: USD 0
  • Revenue: USD 0
  • Region: South Korea ( KR ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Sol Kyung-gu - Azwaad Movie Database Sol Kyung-gu Dong-Hoon
Uhm Ji-won - Azwaad Movie Database Uhm Ji-won Mi-Hee
Lee Re - Azwaad Movie Database Lee Re So-Won
Kim Sang-ho - Azwaad Movie Database Kim Sang-ho Gwang-Sik
Kim Hae-sook - Azwaad Movie Database Kim Hae-sook Psychiatrist Jung-Sook
Ra Mi-ran - Azwaad Movie Database Ra Mi-ran Young-Suk's mother
Kwon Tae-won - Azwaad Movie Database Kwon Tae-won Manager
Kang Shin-chul - Azwaad Movie Database Kang Shin-chul Prosecutor
Seo Hyun-woo - Azwaad Movie Database Seo Hyun-woo Paramedic
Kim Mi-kyoung - Azwaad Movie Database Kim Mi-kyoung Head teacher
Photo Name Department
Kim Sang-bum-Editing Kim Sang-bum Editing (Editor)
Bang Jun-seok-Sound Bang Jun-seok Sound (Original Music Composer)
Kim Jae-beom-Editing Kim Jae-beom Editing (Editor)
Lee Joon-ik-Directing Lee Joon-ik Directing (Director)
Jo Joong-hoon-Writing Jo Joong-hoon Writing (Writer)
Kim Ji-hye-Writing Kim Ji-hye Writing (Writer)
Byun Bong-hyun-Production Byun Bong-hyun Production (Producer)
Seong Chang-yeon-Production Seong Chang-yeon Production (Producer)
Hong Seung-cheol-Lighting Hong Seung-cheol Lighting (Lighting Director)
Lee Seung-yeop-Sound Lee Seung-yeop Sound (Sound Supervisor)

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This movie is a mixture of many social topics that concern us, being organized coherently into a deeply touching narrative. It reveals many imperfections of the world we lived in, but the main theme is still about hope and love. While the plot is relatively simple, the acting feels truly impressive because of the genuine feelings between the lines.

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