New Jersey car mechanic Stacie Andree and her police detective girlfriend Laurel Hester both battle to secure Hester's pension benefits after she was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Directed by: Peter Sollett
Genres: Romance, Drama,
Production Company: Double Feature Films, High Frequency Entertainment, Endgame Entertainment,

Freeheld - A true story of love and injustice. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 02-10-2015
  • Runtime: 103 Minutes
  • Popularity: 11.68
  • Vote Count: 581
  • IMDB Rating: 7.3
  • Budget: USD 7,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 573,335
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Julianne Moore - Azwaad Movie Database Julianne Moore Laurel Hester
Elliot Page - Azwaad Movie Database Elliot Page Stacie Andree
Steve Carell - Azwaad Movie Database Steve Carell Steven Goldstein
Michael Shannon - Azwaad Movie Database Michael Shannon Dane Wells
Luke Grimes - Azwaad Movie Database Luke Grimes Todd Belkin
Josh Charles - Azwaad Movie Database Josh Charles Bryan Kelder
Mary Birdsong - Azwaad Movie Database Mary Birdsong Carol Andree
Dennis Boutsikaris - Azwaad Movie Database Dennis Boutsikaris Pat Gerry
Skipp Sudduth - Azwaad Movie Database Skipp Sudduth Reynolds
Jeannine Kaspar - Azwaad Movie Database Jeannine Kaspar Margaret
Photo Name Department
Hans Zimmer-Sound Hans Zimmer Sound (Original Music Composer)
Jane Musky-Art Jane Musky Art (Production Design)
Robert Salerno-Production Robert Salerno Production (Executive Producer)
Andrew Mondshein-Editing Andrew Mondshein Editing (Editor)
Michael Shamberg-Production Michael Shamberg Production (Producer)
Stacey Sher-Production Stacey Sher Production (Producer)
Maryse Alberti-Camera Maryse Alberti Camera (Director of Photography)
Julie Goldstein-Production Julie Goldstein Production (Producer)
Elliot Page-Production Elliot Page Production (Producer)
James D. Stern-Production James D. Stern Production (Producer)

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> Not another lesbian romance, but a fight for the equal rights! Not long ago I saw 'Carol', thankfully it is not another that and better than that. It was based on the documentary short of the same name about a real life same sex couple who fought for the equal rights and the pension benefits, while one of them was treated for cancer. It is a great drama about fighting for justice than the romance as it states, but that part as well very impressive. Ellen Page and Julianne Moore, both were awesome, except Moore was a bit old. By seeing them I felt being a lesbian is sweetest than straight, hetero and even gay. The first half was all about the relationship, but very decently narrated romance tale. And in the next half once Steve Carell enters the scene, the film diverted to another side of the story. All the actors were very good, including Michael Shannon. Obviously the story was predictable and that is expected often in a biography. Because if they want to alter it, then they should pen a very cleverest script the audience never saw one like that before. I think telling a true story as it is is the point and that's what this filmmaker did. So don't complain about the storyline, just consider whether it is inspiring or worth a watch for other reasons. For me it was almost a sentimental piece, but the second half story compromised and then I realised what this film was trying to say. Underrated film of the year for sure. Anytime I suggest it, especially for the grown ups and with a neutral mindset, because it is not all about the same sex romance, but the battle for equality in society. 8/10

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