Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

Professor Albus Dumbledore knows the powerful, dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald is moving to seize control of the wizarding world. Unable to stop him alone, he entrusts magizoologist Newt Scamander to lead an intrepid team of wizards and witches. They soon encounter an array of old and new beasts as they clash with Grindelwald's growing legion of followers.

Directed by: David Yates Josh Robertson Stephen Woolfenden David Keadell
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Action,
Production Company: Warner Bros. Pictures, Heyday Films,

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore - Return to the magic. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 06-04-2022
  • Runtime: 142 Minutes
  • Popularity: 1,145.41
  • Vote Count: 2,529
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9
  • Budget: USD 200,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 405,161,334
  • Region: United Kingdom ( GB ), United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Eddie Redmayne - Azwaad Movie Database Eddie Redmayne Newt Scamander
Jude Law - Azwaad Movie Database Jude Law Albus Dumbledore
Mads Mikkelsen - Azwaad Movie Database Mads Mikkelsen Gellert Grindelwald
Ezra Miller - Azwaad Movie Database Ezra Miller Credence Barebone / Aurelius Dumbledore
Dan Fogler - Azwaad Movie Database Dan Fogler Jacob Kowalski
Alison Sudol - Azwaad Movie Database Alison Sudol Queenie Goldstein
Callum Turner - Azwaad Movie Database Callum Turner Theseus Scamander
Jessica Williams - Azwaad Movie Database Jessica Williams Eulalie 'Lally' Hicks
Katherine Waterston - Azwaad Movie Database Katherine Waterston Porpentina 'Tina' Goldstein
Oliver Masucci - Azwaad Movie Database Oliver Masucci Anton Vogel
Photo Name Department
Anna Pinnock-Art Anna Pinnock Art (Set Decoration)
Colleen Atwood-Costume & Make-Up Colleen Atwood Costume & Make-Up (Costume Design)
James Newton Howard-Sound James Newton Howard Sound (Original Music Composer)
Stuart Craig-Art Stuart Craig Art (Production Design)
J.K. Rowling-Writing J.K. Rowling Writing (Screenplay)
J.K. Rowling-Production J.K. Rowling Production (Producer)
J.K. Rowling-Writing J.K. Rowling Writing (Novel)
Steve Kloves-Writing Steve Kloves Writing (Screenplay)
Steve Kloves-Production Steve Kloves Production (Producer)
David Heyman-Production David Heyman Production (Producer)

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FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ "Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore is a significant improvement over its predecessors, proving that Steve Kloves really can work miracles - J. K. Rowling still has a lot to learn. By completely shifting the main focus of the franchise to the love relationship between Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald, as well as the exploration of the former's imperfections and the tragic, complex past of his family, it gains an emotionally powerful, genuinely fascinating narrative component. Jude Law and Mads Mikkelsen's superb performances broadly contribute to this. Too bad the first half suffers from the constant tweaks to the saga, taking once-important characters through irrelevant side adventures and repairing plot points established in earlier installments, seriously undermining the previous films and negatively affecting the pacing of this one. The boat is no longer sinking, but the damage might be too much to continue sailing..." Rating: B

id : 625607240dea6e196137ee56
Chris Sawin

It feels like The Secrets of Dumbledore spends more time allowing characters to blather on and adamantly stare out windows over actually delivering worthwhile wizard action, which is essentially what people want to see in films like this. Full review:

id : 6260a46c7776f0009ce410f7

Meh again. 'Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore' isn't any worse than the two films it follows, which is a minor positive at least. I'd actually put it above 1 but just below 2, though I'm splitting hairs really. I just feel all three are simply missing that little something extra, yet I'm not sure exactly what. I also feel the same about the cast as I do for the preceding instalments, with the likes of Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law not doing much for me; though Law is at his best in the role here. I will say, however, that I did mildly enjoy Jessica Williams' performance. The pacing is a tad iffy, if nothing super slow. The ending does feel delayed, I would've personally cut a decent chunk of it to be honest. The dialogue and humour is average, but one scene involving Pickett and Teddy did make me laugh in fairness. All in all, I'm undoubtedly underwhelmed by these spin-offs/prequels to the great 'Harry Potter' franchise.

id : 627d35c83af92900a5f1c2e3

We just want Story. It felt like the entire movie was filler plot with no substance. Perhaps JK wanted it to be a trilogy and WB wanted more so they filled in a bunch of nothingness like the Hobbit trilogy or the Mandalorian.

id : 6296e2f576eecf1722f8afdf


id : 62ac1a1977d23b0091fd2819

Didn't care much for the first one, really disliked the second and this one continues that trend. At two hours plus, this was an absolute bore mainly because I didn't care about the plot (as thin as it is) and characters that, even three films in, I have no attachment to. I guess a positive is Jude Law was okay as Dumbledore and the effects were fine when I could tell what the heck was going on since this was so dimly lit. Honestly don't know how this series can keep going though I imagine it'll probably be destined for HBO Max if it happens at all. **1.75/5**

id : 62c09c1222e4800fa6562942

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