Porn to Be Free

Italy, 1970. An increasing legion of harmless warriors begins a peaceful struggle for sexual freedom through pornography, shaking and shocking religious authorities and conservative political institutions. They are ironic, happy, crazy. They are dreamers, defenders of definitive communion between body and soul. But they were censored and humiliated. They were mistreated and arrested for demanding loud a new cultural renaissance.

Directed by: Carmine Amoroso
Genres: Documentary,
Production Company: Zut Film, Patroclo Film, Danastable,

Porn to Be Free -  - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 24-06-2016
  • Runtime: 79 Minutes
  • Popularity: 84.35
  • Vote Count: 51
  • IMDB Rating: 5.1
  • Budget: USD 0
  • Revenue: USD 0
  • Region: Italy ( IT ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Lasse Braun - Azwaad Movie Database Lasse Braun Himself - Filmmaker
Riccardo Schicchi - Azwaad Movie Database Riccardo Schicchi Himself - Photographer
Giampiero Mughini - Azwaad Movie Database Giampiero Mughini Himself - Writer
Giuliana Gamba - Azwaad Movie Database Giuliana Gamba Herself - Filmmaker
Fiorella Etro - Azwaad Movie Database Fiorella Etro Herself - 'Playmen' Staff Member
Francesco Coniglio - Azwaad Movie Database Francesco Coniglio Himself - Magazine Editor
Lidia Ravera - Azwaad Movie Database Lidia Ravera Herself - Writer
Porpora Marcasciano - Azwaad Movie Database Porpora Marcasciano Herself - LGTB Activist
Judith Malina - Azwaad Movie Database Judith Malina Herself - Actress
Helena Velena - Azwaad Movie Database Helena Velena Herself - Writer
Photo Name Department
Carmine Amoroso-Directing Carmine Amoroso Directing (Director)
Carmine Amoroso-Production Carmine Amoroso Production (Producer)
Carmine Amoroso-Writing Carmine Amoroso Writing (Writer)
Carmine Amoroso-Production Carmine Amoroso Production (Researcher)
Fabio Nunziata-Editing Fabio Nunziata Editing (Editor)
Stefano Di Fiore-Sound Stefano Di Fiore Sound (Sound Editor)
Stefano Di Fiore-Sound Stefano Di Fiore Sound (Sound Mixer)
Giuliana Fantoni-Camera Giuliana Fantoni Camera (Camera Operator)
Piero Basso-Camera Piero Basso Camera (Camera Operator)
Ines Vasiljevic-Production Ines Vasiljevic Production (Delegated Producer)

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