A fatal plane crash changes the lives of Roman and Jake forever. Roman loses his wife and daughter in the accident, while Jake loses his mind—as he happens to be the air traffic controller who failed to avert the nightmare. Rage and revenge engulfs Roman and Jake finds himself swamped with guilt and regret.

Directed by: Elliott Lester Sarah Horton Jared Briley Jeremy Phoenix
Genres: Drama, Thriller,
Production Company: Ingenious Media, Protozoa Pictures, The Fyzz, Oak Productions, Pacific View Management, Union Editorial, Hat and Coat Productions, EFO Films, Lionsgate Premiere,

Aftermath - All he had left was revenge - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 28-02-2017
  • Runtime: 92 Minutes
  • Popularity: 14.20
  • Vote Count: 784
  • IMDB Rating: 5.7
  • Budget: USD 10,500,000
  • Revenue: USD 840,809
  • Region: United Kingdom ( GB ), United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Azwaad Movie Database Arnold Schwarzenegger Roman Melnyk
Scoot McNairy - Azwaad Movie Database Scoot McNairy Jacob "Jake" Bonanos
Maggie Grace - Azwaad Movie Database Maggie Grace Christina
Judah Nelson - Azwaad Movie Database Judah Nelson Samuel Bonanos
Larry Sullivan - Azwaad Movie Database Larry Sullivan James Gullick
Jason McCune - Azwaad Movie Database Jason McCune Thomas Fichman
Glenn Morshower - Azwaad Movie Database Glenn Morshower Matt
Mariana Klaveno - Azwaad Movie Database Mariana Klaveno Eve Sanders
Martin Donovan - Azwaad Movie Database Martin Donovan Robert
Hannah Ware - Azwaad Movie Database Hannah Ware Tessa
Photo Name Department
Arnold Schwarzenegger-Production Arnold Schwarzenegger Production (Producer)
Mary Vernieu-Production Mary Vernieu Production (Casting)
Robert Jones-Production Robert Jones Production (Executive Producer)
Darren Aronofsky-Production Darren Aronofsky Production (Producer)
Eric Watson-Production Eric Watson Production (Producer)
George Furla-Production George Furla Production (Producer)
Randall Emmett-Production Randall Emmett Production (Producer)
Vance Owen-Production Vance Owen Production (Executive Producer)
William B. Steakley-Production William B. Steakley Production (Line Producer)
Barry Brooker-Production Barry Brooker Production (Executive Producer)

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Between this and _Maggie_, Arnold Schwarzenegger has proven that he's more than just the '80s muscle man we had always given him credit for. Aftermath may not be great, but there's some emotion in there, a relatively satisfying payoff, and as a vehicle for Arnie's dramatic chops, it works fine. _Final rating:★★½ - Had a lot that appealed to me, didn’t quite work as a whole._

id : 594a261d92514145a800993b

**Not about the plane crash, but the aftermath of the event.** The best part of this film is it was based on the real. This is the story that follows after the event of two planes crashed head to head in the mid air. Focused on Roman, the one who had lost his wife and daughter in the crash and the Jake, an air traffic controller who was on the duty on the day. Roman was not happy for how the officials treated him, and the declaration of the result of the event. On the other hand, Jake was mentally disturbed, that's affecting his family. A year later, when everything was coming back to normal with a book on the plane crash is getting released, a twist in tale emerges and fast forwarding to a few years, the story comes to an end. There's no judgement on the crash, that's how the story carefully evolved. Like how it happened and whose fault it was. If you understand the title properly, you won't ask that, because the film is not about that. It was the aftermath of the crash. Like how people related to the event coped with. I think decently written screenplay with good performances. But the film was slow. Everything about the film was the opening and the end parts, the rest of the film was just a drag in the name of gap between the events and letting us know more about the film's two main characters. So, overall a simple film, but depicting the real event matters here. Once viewable film, especially if you are the actor's fan, then the percentage goes up. Though expect less from it or from him, as he's not young anymore and this film is not an action flick, just a decent drama. _6.5/10_

id : 596794069251413418003b51

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