The Son of Bigfoot

Teenage outsider Adam sets out on an epic and daring quest to uncover the mystery behind his long-lost dad, only to find out that he is none other than the legendary Bigfoot! He has been hiding deep in the forest for years to protect himself and his family from HairCo., a giant corporation eager to run scientific experiments with his special DNA. As father and son start making up for lost time after the boy's initial disbelief, Adam soon discovers that he too is gifted with superpowers beyond his imagination. But little do they know, HairCo. is on their tail as Adam's traces have led them to Bigfoot!

Directed by: Ben Stassen Jérémie Degruson
Genres: Family, Animation, Comedy,
Production Company: StudioCanal, nWave Pictures,

The Son of Bigfoot - Meet the wildest family around! - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 26-07-2017
  • Runtime: 92 Minutes
  • Popularity: 27.92
  • Vote Count: 403
  • IMDB Rating: 6.6
  • Budget: USD 30,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 46,372,519
  • Region: Belgium ( BE ),
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Pappy Faulkner - Azwaad Movie Database Pappy Faulkner Adam (voice)
Cinda Adams - Azwaad Movie Database Cinda Adams Secretary / Waitress (voice)
Jeff Doucette - Azwaad Movie Database Jeff Doucette Fat Dan / Tim / Tech Support Operator (voice)
Laila Berzins - Azwaad Movie Database Laila Berzins 911 Operator / Weecha (voice)
Joey Camen - Azwaad Movie Database Joey Camen Principal Jones (voice)
Sandy Fox - Azwaad Movie Database Sandy Fox Tina (voice)
Grant George - Azwaad Movie Database Grant George Road Block Agent / Forensic Expert (voice)
Kyle Hebert - Azwaad Movie Database Kyle Hebert Simpson (voice)
Steve Kramer - Azwaad Movie Database Steve Kramer President (voice)
Joe Ochman - Azwaad Movie Database Joe Ochman Trapper / Tom (voice)
Photo Name Department
Ben Stassen-Directing Ben Stassen Directing (Director)
Cal Brunker-Writing Cal Brunker Writing (Writer)
Cal Brunker-Production Cal Brunker Production (Co-Executive Producer)
Bob Barlen-Writing Bob Barlen Writing (Writer)
Bob Barlen-Production Bob Barlen Production (Co-Executive Producer)
Jérémie Degruson-Directing Jérémie Degruson Directing (Director)
Puggy-Sound Puggy Sound (Original Music Composer)

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