Night Hunter

A Minnesota police officer crosses paths with a committed and tireless vigilante as he follows the trail of a ruthless predator responsible for several abductions and murders.

Directed by: David Raymond Kevin Hourigan Bryan R. Burns Puneet Chawla Aric Dupere Rob Fowler Kelly Wolfman
Genres: Drama, Thriller,
Production Company: Buffalo Gal Pictures, Arise Pictures, PalmStar Media, Fortitude International, Arcola Entertainment,

Night Hunter - When the predator becomes the prey - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 29-08-2019
  • Runtime: 95 Minutes
  • Popularity: 27.97
  • Vote Count: 676
  • IMDB Rating: 6.5
  • Budget: USD 0
  • Revenue: USD 1,012,932
  • Region: Canada ( CA ), United Kingdom ( GB ), United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Henry Cavill - Azwaad Movie Database Henry Cavill Marshall
Ben Kingsley - Azwaad Movie Database Ben Kingsley Cooper
Alexandra Daddario - Azwaad Movie Database Alexandra Daddario Rachel
Stanley Tucci - Azwaad Movie Database Stanley Tucci Commissioner Harper
Brendan Fletcher - Azwaad Movie Database Brendan Fletcher Simon
Minka Kelly - Azwaad Movie Database Minka Kelly Angie
Nathan Fillion - Azwaad Movie Database Nathan Fillion Quinn
Mpho Koaho - Azwaad Movie Database Mpho Koaho Glasgow
Emma Tremblay - Azwaad Movie Database Emma Tremblay Faye
Eliana Jones - Azwaad Movie Database Eliana Jones Lara
Photo Name Department
Benjamin Wallfisch-Sound Benjamin Wallfisch Sound (Music Producer)
Sean McCormack-Sound Sean McCormack Sound (Supervising Sound Editor)
Nancy Kirhoffer-Production Nancy Kirhoffer Production (Co-Producer)
Michael Barrett-Camera Michael Barrett Camera (Director of Photography)
Michael Barrett-Production Michael Barrett Production (Co-Producer)
Jim Page-Editing Jim Page Editing (Editor)
Guy Bews-Crew Guy Bews Crew (Stunt Coordinator)
Taavo Soodor-Art Taavo Soodor Art (Production Design)
Adrian Medhurst-Sound Adrian Medhurst Sound (Foley Artist)
Sean Skene-Crew Sean Skene Crew (Stunt Coordinator)

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Pretty stunning how this film managed to get the cast it did. The pacing was terrible thanks to some dreadful editing, where it seems random scenes were cobbled together to churn out some half-baked crime-thriller, a genre I generally enjoy. This was just a chore to sit through. **1.5/5**

id : 5da4ce218a88b20017c64c56

Henry Cavill is certainly an handsome man, but somehow he hasn't the gravitas to carry the leading role here. He is "Marshall", a cop especially requested to lead an investigation by the recently arrested, and slightly deranged, "Simon" (Brendan Fletcher) - who might turn out be a serial killer of young women. Add to the mix, a retired judge "Cooper" (Sir Ben Kingsley) whose daughter was a victim, and who has now turned highly effective vigilante and we ought to have had the ingredients for a decent man-hunt movie. Instead though, we get some weak performances and a storyline that meanders all over the place. Of course, "Marshall", has domestic baggage - an ex-wife and a daughter he is rarely allowed to see, but what's that got to do with the plot? His new partner "Rachel" (Alexandra Daddario) offers more by way of story development - she is to be a lure after the best armed motorcade seen in a long time carrying "Simon" - is ambushed and he escapes to carry on his reign of terror. The production is not good. The continuity is poor, people and entire convoys are there, then they are not, then they are again... It's all just a bit sloppy. By the end, you have a pretty clear idea of what is going to happen and though it's quite quirky, it's all just a little too lightweight to sustain the interest for what seems like a very long hundred minutes.

id : 63145d7402842000830d5b37

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