The Dilemma

Longtime friends Ronny and Nick are partners in an auto-design firm. They are hard at work on a presentation for a dream project that would really launch their company. Then Ronny spots Nick's wife out with another man, and in the process of investigating the possible affair, he learns that Nick has a few secrets of his own. As the presentation nears, Ronny agonizes over what might happen if the truth gets out.

Directed by: Ron Howard Sherry Gallarneau
Genres: Comedy, Drama,
Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment, Wild West Picture Show Productions,

The Dilemma - Two best friends. Nothing could come between them... or could it? - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 13-01-2011
  • Runtime: 111 Minutes
  • Popularity: 11.32
  • Vote Count: 740
  • IMDB Rating: 5.3
  • Budget: USD 70,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 67,112,664
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Vince Vaughn - Azwaad Movie Database Vince Vaughn Ronny Valentine
Kevin James - Azwaad Movie Database Kevin James Nick Brannen
Winona Ryder - Azwaad Movie Database Winona Ryder Geneva Brannen
Jennifer Connelly - Azwaad Movie Database Jennifer Connelly Beth
Queen Latifah - Azwaad Movie Database Queen Latifah Dana
Channing Tatum - Azwaad Movie Database Channing Tatum Zip
Clint Howard - Azwaad Movie Database Clint Howard Herbert Trimpy
Rance Howard - Azwaad Movie Database Rance Howard Burt
Laura Whyte - Azwaad Movie Database Laura Whyte Sue
Amy Morton - Azwaad Movie Database Amy Morton Diane Popovich
Photo Name Department
Hans Zimmer-Sound Hans Zimmer Sound (Original Music Composer)
Brian Grazer-Production Brian Grazer Production (Producer)
Janet Hirshenson-Production Janet Hirshenson Production (Casting)
Jane Jenkins-Production Jane Jenkins Production (Casting)
Vince Vaughn-Production Vince Vaughn Production (Producer)
Kim Roth-Production Kim Roth Production (Executive Producer)
Ron Howard-Directing Ron Howard Directing (Director)
Ron Howard-Production Ron Howard Production (Producer)
Todd Hallowell-Production Todd Hallowell Production (Executive Producer)
Kathleen McGill-Production Kathleen McGill Production (Unit Production Manager)

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**Just Cringe 😬** Billed as a comedy but is entirely devoid of humor. Just uncomfortable from beginning to end. Vaughn and James seemed lost and confused most of the movie, unsure of whether to be funny or not.

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