KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson

It is not strange that the Demon Lord's forces fear the Crimson Demons, the clan from which Megumin and Yunyun originate. Even if the Demon Lord's generals attack their village, the Crimson Demons can just easily brush them off with their supreme mastery of advanced and overpowered magic. When Yunyun receives a seemingly serious letter regarding a potential disaster coming to her hometown, she immediately informs Kazuma Satou and the rest of his party. After a series of wacky misunderstandings, it turns out to be a mere prank by her fellow demon who wants to be an author. Even so, Megumin becomes worried about her family and sets out toward the Crimson Demons' village with the gang. There, Kazuma and the others decide to sightsee the wonders of Megumin's birthplace. However, they soon come to realize that the nonsense threat they received might have been more than just a joke.

Directed by: Takaomi Kanasaki
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Animation, Fantasy,
Production Company: J.C.Staff,

KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson - We will definitely return alive. Go back to that place. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 30-08-2019
  • Runtime: 90 Minutes
  • Popularity: 178.20
  • Vote Count: 316
  • IMDB Rating: 8.5
  • Budget: USD 0
  • Revenue: USD 0
  • Region: Japan ( JP ),
  • Homepage: http://konosuba.com/

Photo Name Character
Jun Fukushima - Azwaad Movie Database Jun Fukushima Kazuma Satou (voice)
Rie Takahashi - Azwaad Movie Database Rie Takahashi Megumin (voice)
Sora Amamiya - Azwaad Movie Database Sora Amamiya Aqua (voice)
Ai Kayano - Azwaad Movie Database Ai Kayano Lalatina "Darkness" (voice)
Yui Horie - Azwaad Movie Database Yui Horie Wiz (voice)
Aki Toyosaki - Azwaad Movie Database Aki Toyosaki Yunyun (voice)
Akeno Watanabe - Azwaad Movie Database Akeno Watanabe Sylvia (voice)
Hiroki Takahashi - Azwaad Movie Database Hiroki Takahashi Hyoizaburo (voice)
Mamiko Noto - Azwaad Movie Database Mamiko Noto Yuiyui (voice)
Maria Naganawa - Azwaad Movie Database Maria Naganawa Komekko (voice)
Photo Name Department
Yoshikazu Iwanami-Sound Yoshikazu Iwanami Sound (Sound Director)
Takaomi Kanasaki-Directing Takaomi Kanasaki Directing (Director)
Masato Kouda-Sound Masato Kouda Sound (Music)
Makoto Uezu-Writing Makoto Uezu Writing (Series Composition)
Kashiko Kimura-Editing Kashiko Kimura Editing (Editor)
Masakazu Miyake-Art Masakazu Miyake Art (Art Direction)
Koichi Kikuta-Visual Effects Koichi Kikuta Visual Effects (Character Designer)
Yūki Hirose-Camera Yūki Hirose Camera (Director of Photography)
Takahiro Sasaki-Visual Effects Takahiro Sasaki Visual Effects (Animation Director)
Yuitsu Kusakabe-Visual Effects Yuitsu Kusakabe Visual Effects (Key Animation)

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