Battlefield Earth

In the year 3000, man is no match for the Psychlos, a greedy, manipulative race of aliens on a quest for ultimate profit. Led by the powerful Terl, the Psychlos are stripping Earth clean of its natural resources, using the broken remnants of humanity as slaves. What is left of the human race has descended into a near primitive state. After being captured, it is up to Tyler to save mankind.

Directed by: Roger Christian
Genres: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, War,
Production Company: Morgan Creek Productions, Franchise Pictures, JTP Films, Battlefield Productions, Warner Bros. Pictures,

Battlefield Earth - Take Back The Planet - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 12-05-2000
  • Runtime: 118 Minutes
  • Popularity: 10.13
  • Vote Count: 622
  • IMDB Rating: 3.2
  • Budget: USD 73,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 29,000,000
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
John Travolta - Azwaad Movie Database John Travolta Terl
Barry Pepper - Azwaad Movie Database Barry Pepper Jonnie Goodboy Tyler
Forest Whitaker - Azwaad Movie Database Forest Whitaker Ker
Kim Coates - Azwaad Movie Database Kim Coates Carlo
Sabine Karsenti - Azwaad Movie Database Sabine Karsenti Chrissy
Christian Tessier - Azwaad Movie Database Christian Tessier Mickey
Sylvain Landry - Azwaad Movie Database Sylvain Landry Sammy
Michael Byrne - Azwaad Movie Database Michael Byrne Parson Staffer
Richard Tyson - Azwaad Movie Database Richard Tyson Robert the Fox
Christopher Freeman - Azwaad Movie Database Christopher Freeman Processing Clerk
Photo Name Department
Lynn Stalmaster-Production Lynn Stalmaster Production (Casting)
Giles Nuttgens-Camera Giles Nuttgens Camera (Director of Photography)
Patrick Tatopoulos-Art Patrick Tatopoulos Art (Production Design)
Roger Christian-Directing Roger Christian Directing (Director)
John Travolta-Production John Travolta Production (Producer)
Jonathan D. Krane-Production Jonathan D. Krane Production (Producer)
Elie Samaha-Production Elie Samaha Production (Producer)
L. Ron Hubbard-Writing L. Ron Hubbard Writing (Novel)
Corey Mandell-Writing Corey Mandell Writing (Screenplay)
J.D. Shapiro-Writing J.D. Shapiro Writing (Screenplay)

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