Nicolas Bannister, a rugged and solitary veteran living in a near-future Miami flooded by rising seas, is an expert in a dangerous occupation: he offers clients the chance to relive any memory they desire. His life changes when he meets a mysterious young woman named Mae. What begins as a simple matter of lost and found becomes a passionate love affair. But when a different client's memories implicate Mae in a series of violent crimes, Bannister must delve through the dark world of the past to uncover the truth about the woman he fell for.

Directed by: Jessica Lichtner Zack Smith Lisa Joy Brandon Lambdin Kevin Lum
Genres: Science Fiction,
Production Company: FilmNation Entertainment, Michael De Luca Productions, Kilter Films,

Reminiscence - Don't look back. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 19-08-2021
  • Runtime: 116 Minutes
  • Popularity: 51.02
  • Vote Count: 902
  • IMDB Rating: 7.0
  • Budget: USD 68,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 18,717,947
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Hugh Jackman - Azwaad Movie Database Hugh Jackman Nicolas 'Nick' Bannister
Rebecca Ferguson - Azwaad Movie Database Rebecca Ferguson Mae
Thandiwe Newton - Azwaad Movie Database Thandiwe Newton Emily 'Watts' Sanders
Cliff Curtis - Azwaad Movie Database Cliff Curtis Cyrus Booth
Marina de Tavira - Azwaad Movie Database Marina de Tavira Tamara Sylvan
Daniel Wu - Azwaad Movie Database Daniel Wu Saint Joe
Mojean Aria - Azwaad Movie Database Mojean Aria Sebastian Sylvan
Brett Cullen - Azwaad Movie Database Brett Cullen Walter Sylvan
Natalie Martinez - Azwaad Movie Database Natalie Martinez Avery Castillo
Angela Sarafyan - Azwaad Movie Database Angela Sarafyan Elsa Carine
Photo Name Department
Jonathan Nolan-Production Jonathan Nolan Production (Producer)
Aaron Ryder-Production Aaron Ryder Production (Producer)
John Papsidera-Production John Papsidera Production (Casting)
Michael De Luca-Production Michael De Luca Production (Producer)
Peter Chesney-Visual Effects Peter Chesney Visual Effects (Special Effects Supervisor)
Howard Cummings-Art Howard Cummings Art (Production Design)
Paul Cameron-Camera Paul Cameron Camera (Director of Photography)
Ramin Djawadi-Sound Ramin Djawadi Sound (Original Music Composer)
Dawn Lunsford-Sound Dawn Lunsford Sound (Foley Artist)
Alicia Stevenson-Sound Alicia Stevenson Sound (Foley Artist)

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An interesting combination of science fiction and film noir. Not a perfect film - it drags in spots - but it is enjoyable if you're a sci-fi or noir fan. The performances were solid. Rebecca Ferguson pulls off a very good femme fatale but the whole cast deserves a slow clap. Lisa Joy, director/writer, shows that she certainly has talent even though the movie is not a home run. Call it a solid double. She's definitely worth keeping an eye out for. Don't go in expecting a perfect movie and you will enjoy what it does have to offer as there are some very good scenes, some less so. Overall it's a 3.5 to 4.0 star effort depending on your taste.

id : 616b8ba4158c850042d7f659

Kind of a hollow grounded sci-fi film noir mystery yarn that features decent performances from Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson and Thandiwe Newton but the story wasn't terribly compelling and never quite believed the relationship between Jackman and Ferguson. Kind of ran out of steam early on and spent the remainder of the time not exactly interested in the mystery elements. I don't know, wanted to like it but highly doubtful I'd ever want to revisit. **2.75/5**

id : 61858671d388ae008a118844

Less than I would have expected from the cast but I don't see it as a failure on their part. I guess I expected something more, although I am not sure what. This is slow entertainment with a few interesting segments but not enough to keep you awake if your only goal was to watch the movie. For me it was the story that failed because it was unbelievable, although I am sure there is an audience that would eat this up.⭐⭐⭐

id : 6186bcbba313b8002a8d3c3b

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