In the aftermath of a nuclear disaster, a starving family find hope in a charismatic hotel owner. Lured by the prospect of a free dinner, they discover that the evening's entertainment blurs the lines between performance and reality. Will they wind up the spectators or the spectacle?

Directed by: Jarand Herdal Silje Paulsen Taylor Maxwell
Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller,
Production Company: Motion Blur, SF Studios,

Cadaver -  - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 22-10-2020
  • Runtime: 86 Minutes
  • Popularity: 109.88
  • Vote Count: 335
  • IMDB Rating: 5.5
  • Budget: USD 0
  • Revenue: USD 0
  • Region: Finland ( FI ), Norway ( NO ),
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Department
Espen Sandberg-Production Espen Sandberg Production (Executive Producer)
Harald Zwart-Production Harald Zwart Production (Executive Producer)
Jarand Herdal-Directing Jarand Herdal Directing (Director)
Jarand Herdal-Writing Jarand Herdal Writing (Writer)
Jens Peder Hertzberg-Editing Jens Peder Hertzberg Editing (Editor)
Jallo Faber-Camera Jallo Faber Camera (Director of Photography)
Jan Kallista-Production Jan Kallista Production (Executive Producer)
Lars Erik Hansen-Visual Effects Lars Erik Hansen Visual Effects (Visual Effects Supervisor)
Peter Clausen-Sound Peter Clausen Sound (Sound Designer)
Andrea McDonald-Costume & Make-Up Andrea McDonald Costume & Make-Up (Makeup Designer)

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