The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie

When five lovely young girls who hate studying hire part-time tutor Futaro, he guides not only their education but also their hearts. Time spent has brought them all closer, with feelings growing within the girls and Futaro. As they finish their third year of high school and their last school festival approaches, they set their sights on what’s next. Is there a future with one of them and Futaro?

Directed by: Youichirou Aoki Masato Jimbo Hiroshi Hara Yoshitsugu Kimura Ryuta Yamamoto Takahiro Hirata Taichi Yoshizawa Chun Shuirong Chun Shuirong
Genres: Animation, Comedy, Romance,
Production Company: DAX Production, Pony Canyon, Nichion, Bibury Animation Studios, Nippon BS Broadcasting, GYAO, Kodansha, Good Smile Film, Bushiroad, MAGNET,

The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie -  - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 20-05-2022
  • Runtime: 136 Minutes
  • Popularity: 218.33
  • Vote Count: 205
  • IMDB Rating: 8.4
  • Budget: USD 0
  • Revenue: USD 17,288,993
  • Region: Japan ( JP ),
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka - Azwaad Movie Database Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Futaro Uesugi (voice)
Kana Hanazawa - Azwaad Movie Database Kana Hanazawa Ichika Nakano (voice)
Ayana Taketatsu - Azwaad Movie Database Ayana Taketatsu Nino Nakano (voice)
Miku Ito - Azwaad Movie Database Miku Ito Miku Nakano (voice)
Ayane Sakura - Azwaad Movie Database Ayane Sakura Yotsuba Nakano (voice)
Inori Minase - Azwaad Movie Database Inori Minase Itsuki Nakano (voice)
Natsumi Takamori - Azwaad Movie Database Natsumi Takamori Raiha Uesugi (voice)
Satoshi Hino - Azwaad Movie Database Satoshi Hino Isanari Uesugi (voice)
Photo Name Department
Satoshi Kuwabara-Crew Satoshi Kuwabara Crew (Thanks)
Takuya Sato-Art Takuya Sato Art (Storyboard Artist)
Masami Saitou-Crew Masami Saitou Crew (Thanks)
Sumio Udagawa-Crew Sumio Udagawa Crew (Thanks)
Takayuki Matsutani-Crew Takayuki Matsutani Crew (Thanks)
Hajime Takakuwa-Sound Hajime Takakuwa Sound (Sound Director)
Mitsutoshi Kubota-Crew Mitsutoshi Kubota Crew (Thanks)
Katsufumi Haryu-Art Katsufumi Haryu Art (Background Designer)
Shinichi Nakamura-Crew Shinichi Nakamura Crew (Thanks)
Yuki Maeda-Visual Effects Yuki Maeda Visual Effects (Animation Director)

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