Spin Me Round

When the manager of an Italian restaurant chain wins the opportunity to attend the franchise’s educational immersion program in Italy, what she thought would be a romantic getaway devolves into chaos and catastrophe.

Directed by: Jeff Baena
Genres: Comedy,
Production Company: Duplass Brothers Productions, Limelight,

Spin Me Round - Unbridled romance with a side of soup or salad. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 19-08-2022
  • Runtime: 104 Minutes
  • Popularity: 8.37
  • Vote Count: 42
  • IMDB Rating: 4.6
  • Budget: USD 0
  • Revenue: USD 0
  • Region: Italy ( IT ), United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Department
Patrick Lumb-Art Patrick Lumb Art (Production Design)
Pino Donaggio-Sound Pino Donaggio Sound (Original Music Composer)
Jeff Baena-Directing Jeff Baena Directing (Director)
Jeff Baena-Production Jeff Baena Production (Producer)
Jeff Baena-Writing Jeff Baena Writing (Writer)
Jay Duplass-Production Jay Duplass Production (Executive Producer)
Mark Duplass-Production Mark Duplass Production (Executive Producer)
Dylan Sellers-Production Dylan Sellers Production (Producer)
Alison Brie-Production Alison Brie Production (Producer)
Alison Brie-Writing Alison Brie Writing (Writer)

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MORE SPOILER-FREE REVIEWS @ https://www.msbreviews.com/ "Spin Me Round is purposefully wacky and extremely absurd, ultimately going way over the fine line between "it's so ridiculous that it's fun" and the growing annoyance at the amount of cringe displayed on the screen each minute. Despite excellent performances by most of the cast - Alison Brie is exceptional - the predictable, frustratingly incoherent screenplay lacks the necessary comedic value to be considered "dumb fun". Aubrey Plaza is criminally underused - marketing campaign is misleading - as are countless storylines that are forgotten, ignored, or sabotaged by poor writing. One of the worst movies of the year." Rating: D-

id : 62fa60316e938a0091e18796

Amber (Alison Brier) is nominally a manager at Italian food restaurant Tuscan Grove. We’re told she has "run this place like a perfectly run ship" for "nine years." We have to take this information at face value because we never see her running anything, perfectly or otherwise. This is a shame because, as the unerring Roger Ebert once pointed out, actual work is more interesting than most plots; accordingly, a film about the actual inner workings of a restaurant would be much more interesting than Spin Me Round’s plot. Did I say 'would be'? Scratch that; what I really meant is that a film about the actual inner workings of a restaurant is much more interesting than Spin Me Round’s plot. Take for instance British drama Boiling Point; it’s not perfect, but it’s honest (honesty and originality being the two most important qualities in a work of art ) — it puts its money where its mouth is, talking the talk as well as walking the walk. Spin Me Round, on the other hand, is full of it. It reminds me of The Lovebirds (and, by extension, Date Night) in its belief that comedy can only stem from implausible, outrageous situations. Now, I’m not saying that’s not possible, but think of the phrase 'it’s funny because it’s true' — it’s a cliché, sure, but for good reason. Alison Brie is just too good for this crap. She’s not just a cute little thing; she’s a talented, daring performer (consider Horse Girl, The Rental). Co-stars Molly Shannon, Aubrey Plaza, Zach Woods (the entire cast for that matter) are nowhere near Brie’s league; the question is, then, why is she slumming it with them?

id : 6307a22da27502007eee2c9b

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