20th Century Girl

Yeon-du asks her best friend Bora to collect all the information she can about Baek Hyun-jin while she is away in the U.S. for heart surgery. Bora decides to get close to Baek's best friend, Pung Woon-ho first. However, Bora's clumsy plan unfolds in an unexpected direction. In 1999, a year before the new century, Bora, who turns seventeen, falls into the fever of first love.

Directed by: Bang Woo-ri
Genres: Romance, Drama,
Production Company: Yong Film,

20th Century Girl - A first love pov story. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 06-10-2022
  • Runtime: 119 Minutes
  • Popularity: 307.27
  • Vote Count: 279
  • IMDB Rating: 8.7
  • Budget: USD 121
  • Revenue: USD 0
  • Region: South Korea ( KR ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Kim You-jung - Azwaad Movie Database Kim You-jung Na Bo-ra
Byeon Woo-seok - Azwaad Movie Database Byeon Woo-seok Poong Woon-ho
Park Jung-woo - Azwaad Movie Database Park Jung-woo Baek Hyun-jin
Roh Yoon-seo - Azwaad Movie Database Roh Yoon-seo Kim Yeon-du
Kim Sung-kyung - Azwaad Movie Database Kim Sung-kyung Bo-ra's Mother
Jeong Seok-yong - Azwaad Movie Database Jeong Seok-yong Bo-ra's Father
Yoon Yi-reh - Azwaad Movie Database Yoon Yi-reh Madam
Jeon Hye-won - Azwaad Movie Database Jeon Hye-won Darn it
Kim Nu-rim - Azwaad Movie Database Kim Nu-rim Dong-wook
Han Hyo-joo - Azwaad Movie Database Han Hyo-joo Na Bo-ra (adult)
Photo Name Department
Syd Lim-Production Syd Lim Production (Producer)
Dalpalan-Sound Dalpalan Sound (Sound)
Cho Young-jik-Camera Cho Young-jik Camera (Director of Photography)
Lee Na-gyeom-Art Lee Na-gyeom Art (Production Design)
Bang Woo-ri-Directing Bang Woo-ri Directing (Director)
Bang Woo-ri-Writing Bang Woo-ri Writing (Writer)

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