Fantastic Four

During a space voyage, four scientists are altered by cosmic rays: Reed Richards gains the ability to stretch his body; Sue Storm can become invisible; Johnny Storm controls fire; and Ben Grimm is turned into a super-strong … thing. Together, these "Fantastic Four" must now thwart the evil plans of Dr. Doom and save the world from certain destruction.

Directed by: Brian Smrz Tim Story Lee Cleary Catherine Kretz Jigesh Gajjar Diego Garzon Ashley Bell Lance Peverley
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction,
Production Company: Kumar Mobiliengesellschaft mbH & Co. Projekt Nr. 3 KG, 1492 Pictures, Constantin Film, Marvel Enterprises, 20th Century Fox,

Fantastic Four - 4 times the action. 4 times the adventure. 4 times the fantastic. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 29-06-2005
  • Runtime: 106 Minutes
  • Popularity: 32.59
  • Vote Count: 6,923
  • IMDB Rating: 5.7
  • Budget: USD 100,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 333,535,934
  • Region: Germany ( DE ), United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Ioan Gruffudd - Azwaad Movie Database Ioan Gruffudd Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic
Jessica Alba - Azwaad Movie Database Jessica Alba Sue Storm / Invisible Woman
Chris Evans - Azwaad Movie Database Chris Evans Johnny Storm / Human Torch
Michael Chiklis - Azwaad Movie Database Michael Chiklis Ben Grimm / The Thing
Julian McMahon - Azwaad Movie Database Julian McMahon Victor von Doom / Doctor Doom
Hamish Linklater - Azwaad Movie Database Hamish Linklater Leonard
Kerry Washington - Azwaad Movie Database Kerry Washington Alicia Masters
Laurie Holden - Azwaad Movie Database Laurie Holden Debbie McIlvane
David Parker - Azwaad Movie Database David Parker Ernie
Kevin McNulty - Azwaad Movie Database Kevin McNulty Jimmy O'Hoolihan
Photo Name Department
Bernd Eichinger-Production Bernd Eichinger Production (Producer)
Ralph Winter-Production Ralph Winter Production (Producer)
William Hoy-Editing William Hoy Editing (Editor)
Shepherd Frankel-Art Shepherd Frankel Art (Supervising Art Director)
Stan Lee-Production Stan Lee Production (Executive Producer)
Stan Lee-Writing Stan Lee Writing (Comic Book)
Avi Arad-Production Avi Arad Production (Producer)
Kevin Feige-Production Kevin Feige Production (Executive Producer)
John Ottman-Sound John Ottman Sound (Original Music Composer)
Chris Columbus-Production Chris Columbus Production (Executive Producer)

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John Chard

Hello rock, this is me in between you and the hard place. Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd), Sue Storm (Jessica Alba), Johnny Storm (Chris Evans), Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis) & Victor Von Doom (Julian McMahon). All set off on a space mission that sees them engulfed by a mysterious storm that imbues them all with different special powers. Fantastic Four is arguably the most loved on the page of the super-group comic book creations. Certainly it's Marvel's flagship offering in that corner of the super hero market. Odd then, that when it finally makes it to the big screen they throw money at it but employ the director of "The Firing Squad" & "Taxi"? The whole film reeks of nervousness, with director Tim Story either fearful of making a hash of said flagship movie, or worse still, being directed himself by studio executives fearful of making a hash of said flagship movie. While the casting of Gruffud (dull), Alba (cleavage for hire) and McMahon (out of his depth as a villain) beggars belief. Sloppy CGI fails to ignite what little action there is, while the final smack down as our intrepid 4 battle with Von Doom, is of a TV movie standard. Yet it still has a smidgen of fun about it to warrant investing a damp dark afternoon with. Chiklis and Evans are the plus points, the former injecting a bit of heart into proceedings and the latter some sexiness and some much needed humour. There's also some worth in the script's attempt at messaging about the perils and pitfalls of celebrity status. While who can deny that the first appearance of "flame-on" & "clobbertime" doesn't induce an ickle tingle down the spine of the discerning comic book fan (ok that may just be me hankering for my youth). If only the film wasn't so safe and had been in better hands. But hey! the film turned over a $230 million Worldwide profit, so what do I know eh? The sequel was inevitable, so one can only hope that with the same people involved they not only learn from their guardedness, but that they manage to stay faithful to the source and give it some much needed pizazz. Footnote: The extended cut at twenty minutes longer, suffice to say, is a better experience as it has more pizazz. So 5/10 for the theatrical cut and 6/10 for the extended version.

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