Jeong Man-sik

Jeong Man-sik

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 11-12-1974
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: South Korea
  • Also Known As:

    Jung Man-sik
    Man-shik Jeong

  • Popularity: 1.40
  • Homepage: N/A

Jeong Man-sik (정만식) is a South Korean actor.

Year Movie Character
2019 The Threshold of Death as Dong-jin
2015 The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale as Watcher
2017 My Little Brother as Seong-ho
2015 Granny's Got Talent as Seoun-hyeon
2010 Try to Remember
2014 A Hard Day as Detective Choi
2017 Man of Will as Ma Sang-goo
2011 Lethal Move
2021 Today’s Superpower
2012 Over My Dead Body as Steve Jeong
2018 Rampant as Hak-soo
2020 The Swordsman as Min Seung-ho
2014 Man in Love as Doo-chul
2016 Asura: The City of Madness as Do Chang-hak
2011 Countdown as Manager Han
2020 Beasts Clawing at Straws as Du-man
1970 야행
2021 Escape from Mogadishu as Gong Soo-cheol
2010 Midnight FM as Oh Jeong-Moon
2014 The Con Artists as Prosecutor
2013 Miracle in Cell No. 7 as Shin Bong-shik
1970 Remember as Kang Yeong-sik
2012 The Spies as NIS section chief
2019 Money as Mr. Byeon
2011 S.I.U. as detective
2015 Chronicle of a Blood Merchant as Mr. Shim
2015 Veteran as Chief Jeon
2010 The Yellow Sea as Detective (uncredited)
2012 Love On-Air as Ji-hyung
2008 Rough Cut as Detective
2009 Breathless as Man-sik
2014 Kundo: Age of the Rampant as Butler Yang
2005 Princess Aurora as Detective Choi
2015 Inside Men as Chief Prosecutor
2010 One Night Stand as Husband
2007 Paradise Murdered as Engineer Jo
2009 Paju as Demolisher 4 (uncredited)
2007 Texture of Skin as Attacker
2012 Eungyo as President Park
2020 Okay! Madam as Pilot
Photo Name Department
2012 The King of Dramas (18 episode) as Oh Jin-wan
2012 The King 2 Hearts (20 episode) as Rhee Kang-seok
2011 Me too, Flower! (15 episode) as Kim Do-kyun
2016 Neighborhood’s Hero (16 episode) as Jung Soo-hyuk
2016 Entertainer (18 episode) as Jang Man-Sik
2010 Running Man (1 episode)
2017 Man to Man (16 episode) as Lee Dong-Hyun
2017 Distorted (32 episode) as Detective Jeon
2014 Glorious Day (44 episode) as Kang Hyun-bin
2018 Bad Papa (32 episode) as Joo Kook-Sung
2019 Vagabond (16 episode) as Min Jae Shik [NIS Agent]
2016 Let's Eat Dinner Together (1 episode) as Himself
2020 The Goddess of Revenge (16 episode) as Kim Sang-Goo
2021 Undercover (16 episode) as Do Yeong-geol
2011 Law of the Jungle (4 episode)

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