Chang Chen

Chang Chen

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 14-10-1976
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Also Known As:

    Chang Chen

  • Popularity: 2.08
  • Homepage: N/A

Chang Chen (born October 14, 1976) is a Taiwanese actor, born in Taipei, Taiwan. His name is sometimes seen in the Western order (Chen Chang). He is the son of a Taiwanese actor Chang Kuo Chu and brother of a Taiwanese actor, Chang Ha

Year Movie Character
1991 A Brighter Summer Day as Xiao Si'r (Zhang Zhen)
2001 Betelnut Beauty as Feng
2007 The Go Master as Wu Qingyuan
2014 Brotherhood of Blades as Shen Lian
2017 Brotherhood of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield as Shen Lian
2017 Mr. Long as Long
2021 The Soul as Liang Wen-Chao
2005 Three Times as Chen / Mr. Chang / Zhen
2007 Breath as Condemned criminal
2006 Silk as Yeh Qi Tung
2010 Here Comes Fortune as Cheng Yue
1996 Mahjong as Hong Kong
2008 Parking as Chen Mo
2004 Eros as Xiao Zhang
2015 The Assassin as Tian Ji'an
2019 Savage as Wang Kang Hao
2012 When Yesterday Comes
2004 The Hand as Xiao Zhang
2013 The Grandmaster as Razor
2007 Blood Brothers as Mark
2008 Missing as Simon
1997 Happy Together as Chang
2000 Flyin' Dance as Choi
2003 Sound of Colors as Zhong Qing
2015 Monk Comes Down the Mountain as Boss Zha
1999 Buenos Aires Zero Degree: The Making of Happy Together as Chang
1970 Shulan River
2012 The Last Supper as Han Xin
2000 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as Lo "Dark Cloud"
2008 Red Cliff as Sun Quan
2002 Chinese Odyssey 2002 as Emperor Zheng De
2013 Christmas Rose as Winston Zhou
2009 Red Cliff Part II as Sun Quan
2018 Forever Young as Zhang Guoguo
2015 Helios as Helios
1970 The Making of the Grandmaster as Self
2012 Passion Island as Chuell Kim
2021 Garden of Camellias as Huang
2004 2046 as cc 1966
2011 Beginning of the Great Revival as 蒋介石/ Chiang Kai-shek
2007 Into the Faraway Sky as Admiral Smith
2021 Dune as Dr. Wellington Yueh
2014 Three Charmed Lives
Photo Name Department
2019 Love and Destiny (60 episode) as Jiu Chen
2021 爱在星空下 ( episode) Creator as (Creator)

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