Greg Bryk

Greg Bryk

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 01-01-1972
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Also Known As:

    Greggory Michael Bryk
    Gregory Michael Bryk

  • Popularity: 2.98
  • Homepage: N/A

Greg Bryk is a Canadian film and television actor, best known for his portrayal of Mallick in the feature films "Saw V" and "Saw 3D". He holds a BA in Drama from Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Year Movie Character
2009 Deadliest Sea as Stubbs
2008 Grindstone Road as Graham
2011 Mistletoe Over Manhattan as Joe Martel
2009 Screamers: The Hunting as Cmdr. Andy Sexton
2010 Red: Werewolf Hunter as Marcus Sullivan
2007 Shoot 'Em Up as Lone Man
2007 Weirdsville as Abel
2015 Borealis as Hunter
2016 Lost & Found as Jim Walton
2017 High-Rise Rescue as Jack Davis
2019 Code 8 as Marcus Sutcliffe
2009 Dolan's Cadillac as Chief
2006 Living Death as Victor
2009 You Might As Well Live as Dixie
2007 The Robber Bride as Henry Kelly
2019 Ad Astra as Chip Garnes
2005 A History of Violence as Billy
2008 Saw V as Mallick
2020 Secret Society of Second Born Royals as Inmate 34
2007 Poor Boy's Game as Keith Rose
2008 The Incredible Hulk as Commando
2019 Rabid as Director
2010 Saw 3D as Mallick
2003 The Gospel of John as Disciple
Photo Name Department
2008 XIII (2 episode) as Colonel Amos
2011 XIII: The Series (0 episode) as Colonel Amos
2001 Mutant X (1 episode) as Ledeker
2010 Nikita (1 episode) as Karl Jaeger
2007 The Dresden Files (1 episode)
1999 Relic Hunter (1 episode) as Matt
2014 Bitten (33 episode) as Jeremy Danvers
2015 The Book of Negroes (6 episode) as Robinson Appleby
2004 ReGenesis (52 episode) as Weston Field
2017 Mary Kills People (6 episode) as Grady Burgess
2016 Wynonna Earp (2 episode) as Jack of Knives
2010 Lost Girl (1 episode) as Cleasby
2015 The Expanse (4 episode) as Lopez
2019 V Wars (5 episode) as Bobby

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