Dar Salim

Dar Salim

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 18-08-1977
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Baghdad, Iraq
  • Also Known As:

    다르 살림
    Дар Салім

  • Popularity: 16.44
  • Homepage: N/A

Dar Salim is an Iraqi-born Danish actor. He received a Bodil Award nomination in the category Best Actor for the film Go With Peace, Jamil in 2008.

Year Movie Character
2008 Go with Peace Jamil as Jamil
2011 Love Is in the Air as Benny
2017 Darkland as Zaid
2016 Iqbal & the Superchip as Rafiq
2019 Until We Fall
2013 Escort as Alex
2022 Loving Adults as Christian
2023 Darkland: The Return as Zaid
2021 Curveball as Rafid Alwan
2023 Guy Ritchie's The Covenant as Ahmed
2021 Favorite Daughter
2024 Vogter as Rami
2011 Rebounce as Hans
2012 A Hijacking as Lars Vestergaard
2015 Macho Man as Cem Denizoglu
2022 Black Crab as Malik
2015 A War as Najib Bisma
2014 Head Full of Honey as Waiter
2016 Spuren der Rache as Hassan
2016 Walk with Me as Sami, Doctor
2010 Submarino as Goran
2018 Iqbal & the Jewel of India as Uncle Rafig
2011 The Devil's Double as Azzam
2017 Lommbock as 10 Jahre Bau
2019 Heavy Load as Dar
2014 In Real Life
2010 My Good Enemy as Gymnastiklærer
2014 The Christmas Family
2014 Exodus: Gods and Kings as Commander Khyan
2010 Truth About Men as Christian
2010 Nothing's All Bad
2018 Class Reunion 1.0

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