Victoria Abril

Victoria Abril

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 04-07-1959
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain
  • Also Known As:

    Victoria Mérida Rojas
    빅토리아 아브릴

  • Popularity: 12.61
  • Homepage:

Victoria Abril (born Victoria Mérida Rojas; 4 July 1959) is a Spanish film actress and singer. She is best known to international audiences for her performance in the movie ¡Átame! (Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!). Born in Madrid, Abril became widely known in Spain in 1976 when she appeared for two years in the show Un, dos, tres... responda otra vez. Besides working in Spain, she also made films in France, where she resides, Italy, and Iceland. She has been nominated eight times for Goya Awards in the Lead Actress category and has won once. She won the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the 41st Berlin International Film Festival for her role in Amantes. Two years later, she was awarded with the Berlinale Camera at the 43rd Berlin International Film Festival. Victoria Abril performing on stage in 2006. She is also a singer. In 2005, she made her debut with a bossanova-jazz album called PutchEros do Brasil. She also tried to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1979 with "Bang-Bang-Bang", but Betty Missiego was chosen instead.

Year Movie Character
1990 Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! as Marina Osorio
1995 French Twist as Loli
2000 101 Reykjavik as Lola
1991 High Heels as Rebeca
2009 Mejor que Nunca as Isabel Romero
2004 School of Seduction as Sandra Vega
1999 Between Your Legs as Miranda
2004 Swindled as Pilar
1995 Nobody Will Speak of Us When We're Dead as Gloria Duque
2004 Cause toujours ! as Jacinthe
1993 Intruso as Luisa
1987 Barrios altos as Verónica
2012 Big is Beautiful as Sophie
1980 Girl with the Golden Panties as Mariana
1977 Change of Sex as José María / María José
1988 El juego más divertido as Ada/Sara
1999 My Father, My Mother, My Brothers and My Sisters as Anne
1992 Too Much Heart as Ana y Clara
1990 Alone Together as Gloria
1980 Mater amatísima
1980 Who Is That Splashing in the Mediterranean? as Mercedes
1988 Baton Rouge as Ana Alonzo
2005 Les gens honnêtes vivent en France as Aurore Langlois
1983 No Trace of Sin as Maria da Luz / Lucilia
1991 Lovers: A True Story as Luisa
1981 The Battle of Reefer as Violeta
1984 Le voyage as Véronique
2012 The Woman Who Brushed Off Her Tears as Helena
1997 La Femme du cosmonaute as Anna
1982 Entre paréntesis as Carmen
1985 El crimen del capitán Sánchez as María Luisa Sánchez
1979 The Shack
1982 La casa del paraíso as Victoria
2018 Bernarda as Josefa
1990 La mujer lunática
2018 Paprika
1993 Kika as Andrea Caracortada
2008 Walking Vengeance as Gloria Duque
2001 Don't Tempt Me as Lola Nevado
2008 Leur morale... et la nôtre as Muriel
2008 Musée haut, musée bas as Clara
1994 Casque bleu as Alicia
1984 Bicycles Are for the Summer as Manolita
2001 Our Tropical Island as Sabina
1996 Freedomfighters as Floren
1989 If They Tell You I Fell as Menchu / Ramona / Aurora Nin
1982 Murder in the Central Committee as Carmela
1986 Tiempo de silencio as Dorita
1987 Lute: Forge On or Die as Chelo
2008 Oscar. The color of destiny
1987 Ternosecco as Brigida
1984 The Most Beautiful Night as Elena
1977 Caperucita y Roja as Caperucita
1977 Doña Perfecta as Rosario
1988 Ada in the Jungle as Carmen
2002 Et après?
2005 Neon Flesh as Pura
2020 Wishlist as Carmen
2018 On refait les grands duos d'humour
2017 La loi de Gloria as Maître Gloria Mendoza
2021 The Grand Restaurant III as Une cliente du restaurant
1985 The House of Ulloa
1994 Jimmy Hollywood as Lorraine de la Pena
2008 48 Hours a Day as Anna
1983 The Moon in the Gutter as Bella - la maîtresse possessive de Gérard
1991 Une époque formidable… as Juliette Berthier
2006 Summer Rain as Srta. del Casco Cartaginés
1981 Comin' at Ya! as Abilene
1977 Esposa y amante as Marisa
1982 The Beehive as Julita
1984 Downstream as Engracia
1984 L'Addition as Patty
1985 Our Father as Cardenala
1985 After Darkness as Pascale
1988 El placer de matar
1985 The Witching Hour as Saga
1982 La guérilléra as Bárbara Périsson
2016 Born to Win as Victoria
1976 Storia di arcieri, pugni e occhi neri as Lady Anne Birdsley
1983 I Married a Shadow as Fifo
2004 The 7th Day as Luciana Fuentes
2006 Les Aristos as La duchesse Pilar de Malaga i Benidorm
1985 Rouge-gorge as Marguerite
1986 Nuit d'ivresse as La compagne de Jugnot
1977 Foul Play as Lolita - hermana de Pepi
1986 Max My Love as Maria
1975 Obsesión as Angelines
1988 Sans peur et sans reproche as Jeanne
2006 Hécuba: un sueño de pasión as Herself
2003 Kaena: The Prophecy as Queen of the Selenites (french voice)
2010 The Great Restaurant as Une cliente du restaurant
2006 The Maidens' Conspiracy as The Peaceful Widow
1980 Le Cœur à l'envers as The hostess
2016 Josephine, Pregnant & Fabulous as la mère de Gilles
2013 Josephine as la mère de Gilles
2016 Almodóvar, todo sobre ellas as Herself
1976 Robin and Marian as Queen Isabella
1987 Law of Desire as Girl with Juan (uncredited)
1976 El hombre que supo amar as Amelia

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