Frances Fisher

Frances Fisher

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 11-05-1952
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of Birth: Milford-on-the-sea, Hampshire, England, UK
  • Also Known As:

    Francis Fisher
    Фрэнсис Фишер

  • Popularity: 29.68
  • Homepage: N/A

Frances Fisher (born 11 May 1952) is a British-born American actress. She is known for her roles as Strawberry Alice, the madame prostitute in Unforgiven (1992), directed by Clint Eastwood; and Ruth DeWitt Bukater, the mother of Kate Winslet's character in Titanic (1997); directed by James Cameron. Both films won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Year Movie Character
2011 Sedona as Tammy
1991 Lucy & Desi: Before the Laughter as Lucille Ball
2016 Titanic: Sinking the Myths as D.E. Bristow
1994 Molly and Gina as Molly McKenna
2001 Passion & Prejudice as Dr. Gwen Barry
2021 This Is Not a War Story as Dora Casale
1995 The Other Mother: A Moment of Truth Movie as Carol Schaefer
2000 The Audrey Hepburn Story as Ella van Heemstra
2012 Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva la Fiesta! as Amelia Jones
1990 A Promise to Keep as Sara
2010 Jolene as Cindy
2016 Love on the Run as Delores
2016 A Beautiful Day as Bev
1989 Heavy Petting as Self
2008 To Love and Die as Janet
2011 Golf in the Kingdom as Eve Greene
1987 Heart as Jeannie
1995 The Stars Fell on Henrietta as Cora Day
2013 The Makeover as Allie Doolittle
2012 Retribution as Betty
2013 Red Wing as Momma B
2014 The M Word
1989 Cold Sassy Tree as Loma Williams
2015 Portrait of Love as Doll Dwyer
2016 Unleashing Mr. Darcy as Violet Darcy
2016 Outlaws and Angels as Esther
2016 An American Girl Story - Melody 1963: Love Has to Win as Miss Abbot
1994 Babyfever as Rosie
2018 Marrying Mr. Darcy as Violet Darcy
2021 Grace and Grit as Sue
2003 House of Sand and Fog as Connie Walsh
2007 In the Valley of Elah as Evie
1996 Female Perversions as Annunciata
1997 Wild America as Agnes Stouffer
2003 Blue Car as Delia
1988 Patty Hearst as Yolanda
1994 Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman as Dr. Theodora Cushing
2001 The Rising Place as Virginia Wilder
1990 Sudie and Simpson as Mrs. Marge Allen
1987 Broken Vows as Maureen Phelan
2011 Grow Up Already as Mom
2010 Backyard Wedding as Eleanor Tyler
1993 Praying Mantis as Betty
2006 The Night of the White Pants as Vivian Hagan
2000 Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis as Janet Lee Bouvier Auchincloss
1991 Frame Up as Jo Westlake
2019 Run the Race as Louise
2020 Holidate as Elaine
2012 Any Day Now as Judge Meyerson
2023 On Sacred Ground as Ricky
1997 Titanic as Ruth DeWitt Bukater
2004 Laws of Attraction as Sara Miller
2013 Plush as Camila
1997 Trading Favors as Librarian
2012 The Silent Thief as Candi Henderson
2018 Shrimp as Marie
1988 Bum Rap as Phyllis
1983 Can She Bake A Cherry Pie? as Louise
2013 The Host as Maggie Stryder
2012 The Seven Year Hitch as Mrs. Von Hoffman
1994 Frame-Up II: The Cover-Up as Jo Baker
2011 The Roommate as Rebecca's Mom
2017 Another Kind of Wedding as Tammy Bergman
1970 Reptile
1992 Unforgiven as Strawberry Alice
2010 Janie Jones as Lily
2006 Mrs. Harris as Marge Richey Jacobson
2021 Awake as Doris
1987 Tough Guys Don't Dance as Jessica Pond
2011 The Lincoln Lawyer as Mary Windsor
1990 Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael as Rochelle Bossetti
2008 A Single Woman as Narrator / Suffragist
1970 Rust
1999 The Big Tease as Candy
1992 Devlin as Maryellen
2007 The Kingdom as Elaine Flowers
2015 Woman in Gold as Barbara Schoenberg
1996 O. Henry's Christmas
1994 Clint Eastwood: The Man from Malpaso as Self
1996 Striptease as Donna Garcia
2000 Gone in Sixty Seconds as Junie
2014 You're Not You as Gwen
1991 L.A. Story as June
1989 Pink Cadillac as Dinah
1999 True Crime as Cecilia Nussbaum
2009 The Perfect Game as Betty
2007 Sex and Death 101 as Hope Hartlight (#80)
2012 Reflections on Titanic as Self
1989 Lost Angels as Judith Loftis
1988 Big as Billy's Mother (Extended Version) (uncredited)
Photo Name Department
2000 Titus (2 episode)
2002 The Shield (6 episode) as Rita Denton
1986 Matlock (2 episode)
1988 Roseanne (1 episode)
2003 The Lyon's Den (13 episode) as Brit Hanley
2002 Glory Days (9 episode) as Mitzi Dolan
1956 The Edge of Night (305 episode) as Deborah Saxon
2007 Saving Grace (1 episode)
1995 Strange Luck (17 episode) as Angie
2005 Medium (1 episode) as Abigail Marsh
2006 Torchwood (10 episode) as The Mother
2014 Fargo (1 episode) as Vivian
1990 Law & Order (1 episode) as Susan Boyd
2007 October Road (1 episode)
2000 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (1 episode) as Joanna Sapphire
2003 Cold Case (1 episode) as Rachel West (2008)
1982 Newhart (1 episode)
1993 The X-Files (1 episode) as Lizzy Gill
1985 The Equalizer (1 episode) as Amanda Kaufman
2004 Boston Legal (1 episode) as Carrie
1994 ER (1 episode) as Helen Kingsley
2009 Castle (1 episode) as Matilda King
2008 To Love and Die (1 episode)
1995 The Outer Limits (1 episode)
2010 The Good Guys (1 episode)
2014 Resurrection (21 episode) as Lucille Langston
2008 The Mentalist (1 episode) as Victoria Abner
2006 Eureka (18 episode) as Eva Thorne
2011 A Gifted Man (16 episode) as Blanche Tipton
2013 Rectify (1 episode) as Peggy
2001 Good Day Live (1 episode) as Self
2005 Criminal Minds (1 episode) as Antonia Slade
2015 The Expanse (2 episode) as Elise Holden
2019 Watchmen (5 episode) as Jane Crawford
1985 The Equalizer (2 episode) as Francesca
2003 Two and a Half Men (1 episode) as Priscilla Honeycutt
1998 Becker (5 episode) as Dr. Elizabeth Carson
2008 Sons of Anarchy (1 episode) as Honey
2005 Grey's Anatomy (1 episode) as Betty Johnson
2017 The Sinner (8 episode) as Meg Muldoon
2013 Masters of Sex (4 episode) as Edna Eshelman

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