Peter Vaughan

Peter Vaughan

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 04-04-1923
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Wem, Shropshire, England
  • Also Known As:

    Peter Ewart Ohm

  • Popularity: 3.51
  • Homepage: N/A

Peter Vaughan (1923-2016) was a British character actor famous for playing imposing, menacing or authoritative figures in film and television across several decades.

Year Movie Character
1972 A Warning to the Curious as Mr Paxton
1964 Smokescreen as Roper
1980 Fox as Billy Fox
1984 Under the Hammer as Les Stone
1973 The Eyes Have It as Anderson
1973 You and Me and Him as Coster
1981 A Last Visitor for Mr. Hugh Peter as Mr. Hugh Peter
1974 Symptoms as Brady
1986 Season's Greetings as Harvey
1967 The Naked Runner as Martin Slattery
1973 The Return as Stephen Royds
1970 The Cellar and the Almond Tree
1987 When We Are Married as Alderman Joseph Helliwell
1971 Straw Dogs as Tom Hedden
1994 Fatherland as SS-Oberstgruppenführer Artur Nebe
1965 Fanatic as Harry
1973 Massacre in Rome as Field Marshal Albert Kesselring
2003 The Mother as Toots
1968 Hammerhead as Hammerhead
1987 Coast to Coast as The Chiropodist
2004 Beauty as Mr. Robbins
1996 Circle of Deceit as Liam McAuley
1973 The Blockhouse as Aufret
2003 Margery and Gladys as Troy Gladwell
1967 The Man Outside as Nikolai Volkov
1968 A Twist of Sand as Johann
1970 Taste of Excitement as Inspector Malling
2001 Lorna Doone as Sir Ensor Doone
2003 Life Beyond the Box: Norman Stanley Fletcher as Harry Grout
1979 Zulu Dawn as QSM Bloomfield
1985 Forbidden as Major Stauffel
1968 The Bofors Gun as Sergeant Walker
1973 Malachi's Cove as Mr. Gunliffe
1985 Czech Mate as Bullneck
1979 Porridge as Grouty
1996 The Moonstone as Gabriel Betteredge
1980 The Crucible
1989 Countdown to War as Hermann Goering
1982 Coming Out of the Ice as Belov
1975 Porridge: No Way Out as Harry Grout
1970 Emma's Time as Sladeck
1993 The Remains of the Day as William Stevens
1998 Les Misérables as Bishop
1999 An Ideal Husband as Phipps
2000 Making Love as Barone Blau
1999 Hornblower: The Frogs and the Lobsters as Admiral Lord Hood
1969 Alfred the Great as Burrud
2004 The Queen of Sheba's Pearls as Edward Pretty
1970 Eyewitness as Paul Grazzini
1965 Rotten to the Core as Sir Henry Capell
1991 Prisoner of Honor as Gen. Mercier
1984 The Razor's Edge as Mackenzie
1983 Jamaica Inn as Squire Bassatt
1974 11 Harrowhouse as Coglin
1996 The Secret Agent as The Driver
1998 The Legend of 1900 as 'Pops', the Shopkeeper
1986 Haunted Honeymoon as Uncle Francis Abbot Sr.
2000 Hotel Splendide as Morton Blanche
1988 Codename: Kyril as Marshal Stanov
1961 Two Living, One Dead as John Kester
2003 Thursday the 12th as Edgar Bannister
1973 The MacKintosh Man as Brunskill
1990 King of the Wind as Captain
1972 Savage Messiah as Museum Attendant
2011 Albatross as Grandpa
1996 The Crucible as Giles Corey
1977 Valentino as Rory O'Neil
1972 The Pied Piper as Bishop
1990 Mountains of the Moon as Lord Houghton
1985 Brazil as Mr. Helpmann
1981 The French Lieutenant's Woman as Mr. Freeman
2007 Death at a Funeral as Uncle Alfie
1959 Sapphire as Detective Whitehead (uncredited)
2007 Christmas at the Riviera as Glen
1963 The Punch and Judy Man as Committee Man
2001 Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang) as Daddy Zoo
1993 Heart of Darkness as Director
2009 Is Anybody There? as Bob
1964 The Horse Without a Head as Police Sergeant
1981 Time Bandits as Winston the Ogre
1962 The Devil's Agent as Chief of Hungarian Police
2004 The Life and Death of Peter Sellers as Bill Sellers
1960 Village of the Damned as P.C. Gobby
2000 Longitude as George Graham
1997 Face as Sonny
1960 Make Mine Mink as Policeman in Car (uncredited)
1959 The 39 Steps as 2nd Police Constable on Train (uncredited)
1963 The Victors as Policeman
2015 Game of Thrones The IMAX Experience as Aemon Targaryen
1979 Henry VIII as Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester
1962 I Thank a Fool as Police Inspector (uncredited)
Photo Name Department
1961 The Avengers (1 episode) as Jaeger
1971 The Persuaders! (1 episode)
1992 Heartbeat (1 episode) as Arthur Wainwright
1977 Citizen Smith (13 episode) as Dad
1996 Our Friends in the North (9 episode) as Felix Hutchinson
1971 The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes (2 episode) as Dorrington
1962 Oliver Twist (10 episode)
1960 Deadline Midnight (39 episode)
1963 Our Man At St Mark's (46 episode)
1973 Thriller (1 episode) as Anderson
1991 Murder Most Horrid (1 episode) as Doverson
1974 Porridge (2 episode) as Harry Grout
1962 The Saint (1 episode) as Walter Devan
1985 Bleak House (8 episode) as Tulkinghorn
1978 The Doombolt Chase (6 episode)
1980 Fox (13 episode)
1959 No Hiding Place (4 episode)
1974 Fall of Eagles (1 episode) as Izvolsky
1967 Man in a Suitcase (1 episode)
1981 Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years (2 episode)
1984 Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense (1 episode)
1978 BBC Television Shakespeare (1 episode)
1994 Dandelion Dead (4 episode) as Dr. Hinks
2011 Silk (1 episode)
1988 Game, Set, and Match (1 episode) as David Kimber-Hutchinson
2002 The Jury (6 episode) as Michael Colchester
2001 In Deep (2 episode)
1998 Our Mutual Friend (4 episode) as Mr. Boffin
1971 A Ghost Story for Christmas (1 episode)
1989 Birds of a Feather (1 episode) as Monty
2007 Mobile (2 episode) as Grandad Stoan
2008 Lark Rise to Candleford (2 episode)
1990 Chillers (1 episode) as Winston Greeves
2011 Game of Thrones (11 episode) as Maester Aemon
1995 Oliver's Travels (2 episode)
1984 Sherlock Holmes (1 episode) as John Turner
1986 Casualty (1 episode) as Henry Lambert
2005 Malice Aforethought (2 episode) as Widdicombe
1986 Monte Carlo (2 episode) as Pabst
1995 Oliver's Travels (5 episode) as Delaney
1988 The Bourne Identity (2 episode) as Fritz Koenig
1995 The Choir (5 episode) as Frank Ashworth
1969 The Gold Robbers (13 episode) as DCS Cradock
1990 Nightingales (1 episode) as The Inspector
1972 The Protectors (1 episode) as Quin
1975 The Sweeney (1 episode) as Tony Kirby
1959 Interpol Calling (1 episode) as Inspector
1968 The Expert (1 episode) as Richard Toller
1998 Hornblower (1 episode) as Admiral Hood
1972 The Adventurer (1 episode) as Roberts
2000 The 10th Kingdom (5 episode) as Wilfred Peep
1992 Heartbeat (1 episode) as Mr. Andrews

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