Ian McElhinney

Ian McElhinney

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 01-01-1948
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Also Known As:

    Ίαν ΜακΕλχίνεϊ

  • Popularity: 2.44
  • Homepage: N/A

Year Movie Character
1988 Reefer and the Model as Reefer
2018 Dave Allen at Peace as Priest
2012 Bomb Squad Men: The Long Walk as Narrator
2015 The Death of a Projectionist as Gerry
2012 Titanic: A Legend Born in Belfast as Narrator
2009 Scapegoat as H. A. McVeigh QC
1970 The Grasscutter as Brian Deeds
2016 Sacrifice as D.I. McKie
2011 Brendan Smyth: Betrayal of Trust as Abbot Smith
1986 The End of the World Man as Architect
1970 The King's Wake as Athairne
2010 Make it New John as John
2008 Clay as Father O'Mahoney
2018 Zoo as Mr. Shawcross
2010 An Old Fashioned Christmas as Sean
1996 The Boy from Mercury as Brother Dowdall
2015 A Patch of Fog
1998 Touch and Go as Clive Bevan
2017 Bad Day for the Cut as Eamon
1984 Anne Devlin as Maj. Sirr
2001 Mapmaker as Sergeant Devlin
2004 Omagh as Stanley McCombe
1998 Hornblower: The Fire Ships as Captain Hammond
1982 Angel as The Groom
1986 Lamb as Maguire
1995 Life After Life as Working out governor
2017 The Journey as Rory O'Suaird
2019 Father Father
2010 Leap Year as Priest
1992 You, Me & Marley as Reggie Devine
1992 The Playboys as Joe Cassidy
2013 Wodehouse In Exile as Major Cussen
2016 The Truth Commissioner as James Fenton
2009 Triage as Ivan
1997 This Is the Sea as Da Stokes
1990 The Lilac Bus as Billy
2001 Hornblower: Retribution as Captain Hammond
1983 Acceptable Levels as Andy
2003 Hornblower: Loyalty as Captain Hammond
1996 Small Faces
1986 Shergar as Damien
1991 Children of the north as O'Hare
2008 City of Ember as Builder
1990 Hidden Agenda as Jack Cunnigham
1987 A Prayer for the Dying as Lodger
1996 Hamlet as Barnardo
1984 A Woman Calling as Mr Burke
2016 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as General Dodonna
1997 The Boxer as Reggie Bell
1990 Fools of Fortune as Stranger
1996 Michael Collins as Belfast Detective
1994 A Breed of Heroes as Father O'Browne
2010 Three Wise Women as David
1990 Who Bombed Birmingham? as Sinn Fein leader
1990 Shoot To Kill as ACC Trevor Forbes
Photo Name Department
1999 Queer as Folk (2 episode) as Clive Jones
2007 Single-Handed (4 episode) as Ex-Garda Sergeant Gerry Driscoll
1997 Wokenwell (6 episode)
2016 Rebellion (5 episode) as Edward Butler
2008 Fairy Tales (1 episode)
1998 Cold Feet (2 episode)
2013 The Fall (3 episode) as Morgan Monroe
1995 Hearts and Minds (1 episode) as Alex
2018 Krypton (20 episode) as Val-El
2017 Kat & Alfie: Redwater (6 episode) as Lance
2011 Game of Thrones (25 episode) as Barristan Selmy
2012 Ripper Street (1 episode) as Theodore Swift
1986 Casualty (1 episode) as Robert Finch
2018 Derry Girls (12 episode) as Granda Joe
2018 Mrs Wilson (3 episode) as Father Timothy
1996 Safe And Sound (1 episode) as Higgins
2014 Quirke (1 episode) as Bill Latimer

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