Manny Pérez

Manny Pérez

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 05-05-1969
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Baitoa, Santiago, Dominican Republic
  • Also Known As:

  • Popularity: 5.17
  • Homepage: N/A

Manuel "Manny" Pérez Batista (born May 5, 1969) is a Dominican actor, who has appeared in the television series Third Watch and in the film Washington Heights. He is the cousin of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Junot Diaz.

Year Movie Character
2009 La Soga as Luisito
2012 El Rey de Najayo as Julian
2013 Ponchao as Alex
2014 Greencard Warriors as Jesus
2010 Forged as Chuco
2017 Colao as Antonio
2018 Veneno as Jack Veneno
2022 La Soga: Salvation as Luisito
1970 Crooks
2023 Colao 2 as Antonio
2023 Vengeance: A La Soga Story as Luisito
2002 Washington Heights as Carlos
2021 The Witch as Omar
2009 A Kiss of Chaos as Tony
1970 A tiro limpio as Mario Ricardi
1997 Sleeping Together as Carlos
2016 Verdad o reto as Don Julio
2021 Night of the Sicario as Leon
2021 Locked In as Ross
2018 Broken Island as Abes
2006 El cantante as Eddie
2019 Coyote Lake as Ignacio
2023 A Killer Romance as Detective Bob Reyes
2006 Bella as Manny
2007 Illegal Tender as Wilson DeLeon Sr.
1993 New York Cop as Tito
2014 Love Is Strange as Roberto
2017 Killer App as Detective Meyer
2007 Where God Left His Shoes as Luis
2016 Back in the Day as Jose
2000 Dinner Rush as Gabriel
1996 Bullet as Flaco
2016 Loki 7 as El Moncho
2021 Separation as Officer Pitt
2003 Party Monster as Johnny
2023 Sound of Freedom as Fuego
2008 Pride and Glory as Coco Dominguez
1999 On the Q.T. as Aurelio
2008 Nothing Like the Holidays as Alexis
1994 Crooklyn as Hector
1996 Courage Under Fire as Jenkins
2009 Source of Pride: The Making of "Pride and Glory" as Self
2000 Brother as Mexican Mafia Hitman
1970 Safari
2022 La Soga: Salvation
1970 Crooks
2023 Vengeance: A La Soga Story
2023 Vengeance: A La Soga Story
2002 Washington Heights
1980 Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24½th Century
1965 Corn on the Cop
2010 Forged
2002 Washington Heights
2022 La Soga: Salvation
2009 La Soga
2013 Ponchao

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