Ronnie Gene Blevins

Ronnie Gene Blevins

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 20-06-1977
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Harris County, Texas, USA
  • Also Known As:

    Ronald Gene Blevins
    Ronnie Blevins

  • Popularity: 1.21
  • Homepage: N/A

Ronnie Gene Blevins is an actor and writer.

Year Movie Character
2009 American Cowslip as Ethan Inglebrink
2021 Death in Texas as Billy
2014 Joe as Willie
2013 Sequence as Robber
2021 Feral State as Detective Ellis
2012 Area Q. as Husband with a video camera
2013 Hot Bath an' a Stiff Drink as Hopps Kinney
2017 Losing In Love as Teddy
2002 Bleed as Peter
2016 Within as Ray Walsh
2015 Uncle John as Danny
2017 A Mermaid's Tale as Jay
2017 Jonny's Sweet Revenge as Sully
1970 Whisper as Bloc
2023 Before Memory as Dr. Michael Capot
2014 The Hunted as Stevie
2005 Freezerburn as Peter
2022 Dog as Keith
2014 Savaged as Jed
2012 Least Among Saints as Ronnie
2003 Birth Rite as Paul Guilford
2016 The Neighbor as Harley
1970 What Josiah Saw as Billy
2006 Look @ Me as Cyber Fan
2015 The Perfect Guy as Dalton
2017 Cops and Robbers as John Doe
2019 Back Fork as Jimmy
2021 The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It as Bruno
2019 The Wave as Ritchie
2014 Suburban Gothic as Pope
2018 Death Wish as Joe
2019 The Way We Weren't as Al
2017 The Hatred as Virgil
2019 Tone-Deaf as David
2020 King Knight as Grant
2016 Trash Fire as Televangelist
2013 Shadow on the Mesa as Trace Hodges
2012 Seven Psychopaths as First Cop
2012 The Dark Knight Rises as Cement Truck Driver
2009 American Cowslip

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