Dell Henderson

Dell Henderson

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 05-07-1877
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
  • Also Known As:

    Del Henderson

  • Popularity: 1.40
  • Homepage: N/A

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia George Delbert "Dell" Henderson (July 5, 1877 – December 2, 1956) was a Canadian-American actor, director, and writer. He began his long and prolific film career in the early days of silent film. Born in the Southwestern Ontario city of St. Thomas, Dell Henderson started his acting career on the stage, but appeared in his first movie Monday Morning in a Coney Island Police Court already in 1908. Henderson was a frequent associate of film pioneer D.W. Griffith since 1909 and appeared in numerous of his early shorts in Hollywood. He also acted on a less prolific basis in the movies of producer Mack Sennett and his Keystone Studios. In addition to acting, Henderson also directed nearly 200 silent films between 1911 and 1928. Most of those films are forgotten or lost, but he also directed movies with silent stars like Harry Carey and Roscoe Arbuckle. Henderson also worked as a writer on numerous screenplays. After retiring from directing in 1927, Henderson turned to acting full-time and played important supporting roles in King Vidor's The Crowd (1928) and as General Marmaduke Pepper in Show People (1928). The advent of sound film damaged his acting career, and he often had to play smaller roles. In the 1930s, the comedic character actor appeared on several occasions as a comic foil for such comedians as The Three Stooges, W. C. Fields and Laurel and Hardy. He often played somewhat pompous figures like judges, businessmen, detectives or mayors. Modern audiences will remember Henderson as annoyed hospital president Dr. Graves in The Three Stooges film Men in Black and the put-upon chaperone in the Little Rascals film Choo-Choo!. He also appeared as a Night Court Judge in Laurel and Hardy's Our Relations (1936) and as a friendly Car salesman in Leo McCarey's drama Make Way for Tomorrow (1937). Henderson ended his film career after numerous small roles in 1950. Henderson died of a heart attack in Hollywood at the age of 79. He was married with actress Florence Lee until his death, they made several silent films together.

Year Movie Character
1911 The Baron as The Baron / A Waiter
1937 The Grand Bounce as Harry Briggs (uncredited)
1911 His Trust as Col. Frazier
1912 Tragedy of the Dress Suit as Dick
1912 The Brave Hunter as The Brave Hunter's Rival
1912 The Furs as The Husband
1911 The Making of a Man as Leading Man
1911 When a Man Loves as Mr. Bach
1928 Show People as Colonel Pepper
1915 Those Bitter Sweets as The Rival
1910 A Child of the Ghetto as The Proprietor
1910 Over Silent Paths as The Wanderer
1910 The Two Brothers as Manuel
1910 Gold Is Not All
1912 The Sunbeam as Bachelor
1911 The Last Drop of Water as Undetermined Role
1912 The Speed Demon
1934 Men in Black as Dr. Graves
1932 Mr. Bride as J. P. Henderson
1912 Won by a Fish as The Woman's Father
1928 The Patsy as Pa Harrington
1931 Windy Riley Goes Hollywood
1932 In Walked Charley as Delbert Henderson
1935 Slightly Static as Mr. Campbell (as Del Henderson)
1911 The Primal Call as The Creditor
1915 For Better - But Worse as The Police Chief's Daughter's Romeo
1930 All Teed Up as Judge Quirt
1930 Fast Work as Old Faithful
1911 The Adventures of Billy as Rich Man
1916 The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary as Aunt Mary's Sweetheart
1912 The Mender of Nets as The Little Mender's Brother
1931 Skip the Maloo! as Mr. Benson
1912 A Voice from the Deep as On Roller Coaster
1909 The Broken Locket
1928 The Crowd as Dick
1910 The Unchanging Sea as The Rescuer
1910 The Song of the Wildwood Flute as A Suitor
1910 A Plain Song as The Manager
1933 Rainbow Over Broadway as Bowers
1908 Monday Morning in a Coney Island Police Court
1929 Wrong Again as Painting owner
1926 The Clinging Vine as B. Harvey Doolittle
1930 Whispering Whoopee as Mr. Henderson
1930 The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case as Housekeeper (uncredited)
1928 The Power of the Press as Bill Johnson
1931 Thundering Tenors as Senator D.H. Henderson
1934 You're Telling Me! as Mayor (as Del Henderson)
1927 Getting Gertie's Garter as Barry Scott
1930 The Sins of the Children as Ted Baldwin
1910 The Lesson as Policeman
1930 Looser Than Loose as Mr. Henderson
1928 Riley the Cop as Judge Coronelli
1909 Lines of White on a Sullen Sea
1931 Newly Rich as Director
1934 Bottoms Up as Lane Worthing
1911 The Long Road as Wedding Guest
1930 Noche de duendes as Housekeeper
1931 Spuk um Mitternacht as Housekeeper
1911 The Lonedale Operator as A Tramp
1935 Hot Tip as Sheriff
1931 The Champ as The Doctor (uncredited)
1940 Little Orvie as Mr. Brown
1935 Ruggles of Red Gap as Sam
1939 Frontier Marshal as Dave Hall
1939 Love Affair as Cafe Manager (uncredited)
1932 Choo-Choo! as Mr. Henderson
1935 The Mystery Man as Mr. Clark, Hotel Manager
1930 Bigger and Better as Mr. Kornman
1940 You Can't Fool Your Wife as Ritz Amsterdam Manager
1934 It's a Gift as Mr. Abernathy
1931 Helping Grandma as Henderson
1910 Ramona as Man at Burial
1945 The Great Morgan as Film Character (uncredited)
1938 Rebellious Daughters as Mr. Stanley - First Victim
1935 Thunder in the Night as Ambassador - Party Guest
1937 The Awful Truth as Vance's Butler (uncredited)
1933 Goldie Gets Along as Mr. Moon
1933 Too Much Harmony as Small Town Theatre Manager
1939 5th Ave Girl as Headwaiter (uncredited)
1935 Steamboat Round the Bend as Salesman
1934 Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch as House Manager
1940 Stranger on the Third Floor as Detective (uncredited)
1949 Once More, My Darling as Hotel Clerk
1940 Millionaires in Prison as Dell, Deputy Taking Vander to Prison
1935 Little Big Shot as Policeman
1935 The Daring Young Man as Mayor
1938 Arsène Lupin Returns as Plainclothes Detective
1938 The Girl of the Golden West as Stagecoach Passenger
1937 We Who Are About to Die as Blake's Associate
1946 Undercurrent as Party Guest (uncredited)
1938 Men with Wings as Chairman
1940 Young People as Eddie's Father
1942 The Major and the Minor as Doorman (uncredited)
1937 Artists & Models as Lord (uncredited)
1937 Make Way for Tomorrow as Ed Weldon - Auto Salesman (uncredited)
1935 3 Kids and a Queen as Reporter
1945 Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood as Benson (uncredited)
1943 Slightly Dangerous as Doorman (uncredited)
1940 Abe Lincoln in Illinois as Minor Role (uncredited)
1916 Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages as Extra (uncredited)
1935 Diamond Jim as Gambler
1943 Du Barry Was a Lady as Flunky
1937 Wells Fargo as Customer
1914 "Curses!" They Remarked
1912 The Fickle Spaniard
1916 Wife and Auto Trouble
1914 Gussle, the Golfer
1914 The Plumber
1915 Merely A Married Man
1915 Those Bitter Sweets
1915 Ambrose's Nasty Temper
1915 Ambrose's Fury
1914 Bertha, the Buttonhole-Maker
1927 The Rambling Ranger
1915 For Better - But Worse
1912 Getting Rid of Trouble
1913 Black and White
1913 Father's Chicken Dinner
1913 A Woman in the Ultimate
1914 Liberty Belles
1915 A Bear Affair
1916 Because He Loved Her
1918 The Beloved Blackmailer
1925 Accused
1916 A Coney Island Princess
1918 Who Loved Him Best?
1913 A Modest Hero
1912 A Dash Through the Clouds
1912 A Voice from the Deep
1910 The Lesson
1911 Bobby the Coward
1911 Love in the Hills
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