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Season 3

Story Line: Season 3 tells the story of a macabre crime involving two missing children in the heart of the Ozarks, a mystery that deepens over decades and ...

First Air Date: 13-01-2019

Episodes: 8

Photo Name Character
Mahershala Ali-Wayne Hays Mahershala Ali Wayne Hays
Stephen Dorff-Roland West Stephen Dorff Roland West
Carmen Ejogo-Amelia Reardon Carmen Ejogo Amelia Reardon
Scoot McNairy-Tom Purcell Scoot McNairy Tom Purcell
Ray Fisher-Henry Hays Ray Fisher Henry Hays
Photo Name Department
Lori Slomka-Production-Co-Producer Lori Slomka Production ( Co-Producer )
Victoria Thomas-Production-Casting Victoria Thomas Production ( Casting )
Ryan Warren Smith 	-Art-Production Design Ryan Warren Smith Art ( Production Design )
Jeremy Saulnier-Production-Executive Producer Jeremy Saulnier Production ( Executive Producer )
Peter Feldman-Production-Producer Peter Feldman Production ( Producer )
Daniel Sackheim-Production-Executive Producer Daniel Sackheim Production ( Executive Producer )
Markus Wittman-Art-Set Decoration Markus Wittman Art ( Set Decoration )
Victor Pongonis-Art-Set Decorating Coordinator Victor Pongonis Art ( Set Decorating Coordinator )
Lynda Reiss-Art-Property Master Lynda Reiss Art ( Property Master )
Kyle McNally-Art-Assistant Property Master Kyle McNally Art ( Assistant Property Master )
Miranda Sink-Art-Property Buyer Miranda Sink Art ( Property Buyer )
Thomas Whit Thorne-Art-Leadman Thomas Whit Thorne Art ( Leadman )
Elsa Young-Art-Set Designer Elsa Young Art ( Set Designer )
Lorrie Campbell-Art-Set Designer Lorrie Campbell Art ( Set Designer )
Chris Craine-Art-Art Direction Chris Craine Art ( Art Direction )
Justin Elterman-Art-Graphic Designer Justin Elterman Art ( Graphic Designer )
Coby Mahaffey-Production-Production Assistant Coby Mahaffey Production ( Production Assistant )
Scott Stephens-Production-Executive Producer Scott Stephens Production ( Executive Producer )
Lee Caplin-Production-Co-Producer Lee Caplin Production ( Co-Producer )
T Bone Burnett-Sound-Original Music Composer T Bone Burnett Sound ( Original Music Composer )
Cary Joji Fukunaga-Production-Executive Producer Cary Joji Fukunaga Production ( Executive Producer )
Nic Pizzolatto-Production-Executive Producer Nic Pizzolatto Production ( Executive Producer )
Woody Harrelson-Production-Executive Producer Woody Harrelson Production ( Executive Producer )
Matthew McConaughey-Production-Executive Producer Matthew McConaughey Production ( Executive Producer )

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