Breaking Bad

When Walter White, a New Mexico chemistry teacher, is diagnosed with Stage III cancer and given a prognosis of only two years left to live. He becomes filled with a sense of fearlessness and an unrelenting desire to secure his family's financial future at any cost as he enters the dangerous world of drugs and crime.

Created By: Vince Gilligan |
Genres: Drama | Crime |
Production Company: Sony Pictures Television Studios | High Bridge Productions | Gran Via Productions |

Breaking Bad-Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 20-01-2008
  • Total Sessions: 5
  • Total Episodes: 62
  • Vote Count: 11,749
  • IMDB Rating: 8.9
  • Network: AMC |
  • Status: Ended
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Bryan Cranston-Azwaad Movie Database Bryan Cranston Walter White
Aaron Paul-Azwaad Movie Database Aaron Paul Jesse Pinkman
Anna Gunn-Azwaad Movie Database Anna Gunn Skyler White
Dean Norris-Azwaad Movie Database Dean Norris Hank Schrader
Jonathan Banks-Azwaad Movie Database Jonathan Banks Mike Ehrmantraut
Bob Odenkirk-Azwaad Movie Database Bob Odenkirk Saul Goodman
Betsy Brandt-Azwaad Movie Database Betsy Brandt Marie Schrader
RJ Mitte-Azwaad Movie Database RJ Mitte Walter White Jr.

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Wow....where to start. Not really into "DRUG" inspired shows. But this one had me from the start. The only bad about this show was the split seasons when it was a first run show. But now you can go right through to the next episode with out having to wait.....MUST WATCH ! !

id : 5accdbe6c3a3687e2702d058

I'll be honest, at first when I started this TV show and finished first season, I didn't like it. It felt boring for me and I stopped watching, but after few years, I decided to give it a chance and continue. I'm so happy because of my decision, because after finishing this TV show, I can definitely tell that it was a masterpiece! 5th season is a bomb and 14th season was shocking! It left me with sad, euphoric shock feeling. It was mind blowing! I'm not gonna spoil you what happened, but if you started first season and you don't like it, for goodness sake, give it a chance and continue watching. I promise you won't regret. Characters are very well developed. Acting is superb! Plot is very interesting. Whole TV show is tense, especially the last season. The only downside I can think about is camera. Sometimes it's shaking on some certain scenes. I don't know why they didn't pay attention to this, but this is nothing, just a very minor minus. Everything else is great about this TV show.

id : 5d91c4a2172d7f001759ca0a

Started out really good, but dropped quality after the second to last season

id : 5ee08bdd90dde0001fa67192

This is the kind of TV show for the "formula lovers" who want to feel superior. There is an air of the superiority complex of the "drug knowledgeable" crowd in this series about a "smart guy" breaking into the drug trade. His "talent" makes him the important cog in the machine. He can call his shots. Still, the ruffians give him a rough way to go, because criminals really are stupid. Once they learn that they are nothing without him, he gets his way. Much like a Western town blacksmith, he's the needed ingredient. However, things get very formula early on in the show. And there's always this sense of a superiority complex from the sort of people who push shows like this onto their friends and acquaintances. The directing writing team tap into the control freak crowd very well. But it is a dull show about dull people.

id : 6429b5168de0ae00978d836a

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