The Sopranos

The story of New Jersey-based Italian-American mobster Tony Soprano and the difficulties he faces as he tries to balance the conflicting requirements of his home life and the criminal organization he heads. Those difficulties are often highlighted through his ongoing professional relationship with psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi. The show features Tony's family members and Mafia associates in prominent roles and story arcs, most notably his wife Carmela and his cousin and protégé Christopher Moltisanti.

Created By: David Chase |
Genres: Drama |
Production Company: HBO |

The Sopranos-Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 10-01-1999
  • Total Sessions: 6
  • Total Episodes: 86
  • Vote Count: 2,167
  • IMDB Rating: 8.6
  • Network: HBO |
  • Status: Ended
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
James Gandolfini-Azwaad Movie Database James Gandolfini Tony Soprano
Edie Falco-Azwaad Movie Database Edie Falco Carmela Soprano
Jamie-Lynn Sigler-Azwaad Movie Database Jamie-Lynn Sigler Meadow Soprano
Robert Iler-Azwaad Movie Database Robert Iler A.J. Soprano
Lorraine Bracco-Azwaad Movie Database Lorraine Bracco Jennifer Melfi
Michael Imperioli-Azwaad Movie Database Michael Imperioli Christopher Moltisanti
Steven Van Zandt-Azwaad Movie Database Steven Van Zandt Silvio Dante
Tony Sirico-Azwaad Movie Database Tony Sirico Paulie Gualtieri
Dominic Chianese-Azwaad Movie Database Dominic Chianese Junior Soprano
Aida Turturro-Azwaad Movie Database Aida Turturro Janice Soprano

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I'm late to this, I know, but at the time it came out I was in college and working multiple jobs to pay for it. It came out in that stretch of time that I was practically blind to current culture. But now I'm watching it, and honestly it's like all those other Mafia movies and TV shows that come around every decade or so. They never really get old. The Mafia allows for a few things, stress, tension which are both great for drama...and then brutal violence and humor, which also pair wonderfully together. The only time you're going to miss is when you don't do it well, but The Sopranos actually did it incredibly well. It was amazingly fun, amazingly dramatic, and beautifully, it's going to entertain. And, unlike the movies, the episodic nature of a TV show plays well with the mafia shtick, especially when paired with a premium channel like HBO that can do whatever they want.

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