The Big Door Prize

A small town is forever changed when a mysterious machine appears, promising to reveal everyone's true potential. Soon residents start changing jobs, rethinking relationships, and questioning long-held beliefs—all in pursuit of a better future.

Created By: David West Read |
Genres: Comedy |
Production Company: Skydance Television | CJ ENM | Studio Dragon |

The Big Door Prize-Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 28-03-2023
  • Total Sessions: 1
  • Total Episodes: 10
  • Vote Count: 39
  • IMDB Rating: 5.9
  • Network: Apple TV+ |
  • Status: Returning Series
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Chris O'Dowd-Azwaad Movie Database Chris O'Dowd Dusty
Gabrielle Dennis-Azwaad Movie Database Gabrielle Dennis Cass
Ally Maki-Azwaad Movie Database Ally Maki Hana
Damon Gupton-Azwaad Movie Database Damon Gupton Father Reuben
Josh Segarra-Azwaad Movie Database Josh Segarra Giorgio
Crystal Fox-Azwaad Movie Database Crystal Fox Izzy
Sammy Fourlas-Azwaad Movie Database Sammy Fourlas Jacob
Djouliet Amara-Azwaad Movie Database Djouliet Amara Trina

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