Fear the Walking Dead

What did the world look like as it was transforming into the horrifying apocalypse depicted in "The Walking Dead"? This spin-off set in Los Angeles, following new characters as they face the beginning of the end of the world, will answer that question.

Created By: Dave Erickson | Robert Kirkman |
Genres: Action & Adventure | Drama |
Production Company: Valhalla Motion Pictures | AMC Networks | Fox Productions | Circle of Confusion |

Fear the Walking Dead-Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 23-08-2015
  • Total Sessions: 7
  • Total Episodes: 93
  • Vote Count: 3,900
  • IMDB Rating: 7.7
  • Network: AMC |
  • Status: Returning Series
  • Homepage: https://www.amc.com/twdu/fear-the-walking-dead

Photo Name Character
Lennie James-Azwaad Movie Database Lennie James Morgan Jones
Alycia Debnam-Carey-Azwaad Movie Database Alycia Debnam-Carey Alicia Clark
Colman Domingo-Azwaad Movie Database Colman Domingo Victor Strand
Danay García-Azwaad Movie Database Danay García Luciana Galvez
Austin Amelio-Azwaad Movie Database Austin Amelio Dwight
Mo Collins-Azwaad Movie Database Mo Collins Sarah Rabinowitz
Alexa Nisenson-Azwaad Movie Database Alexa Nisenson Charlie
Christine Evangelista-Azwaad Movie Database Christine Evangelista Sherry
Jenna Elfman-Azwaad Movie Database Jenna Elfman June Dorie
Keith Carradine-Azwaad Movie Database Keith Carradine John Dorie

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I tried this TV-show because it's connected to Walking Dead and people advised me. Watched 4 seasons & I can say, it's quite boring comparing to Walking Dead which itself didn't go well after several seasons and became like a cheap soap opera. When I was watching Walking Dead (First few seasons) I couldn't wait for next episode, it was so interesting, I remember I watched whole season in one day, however with Fear the walking dead I never had such feeling, I didn't care what was going to happen in next episode. Story is boring & slow, characters are stupid & another aggravating thing with this TV-show is that director likes to kill main characters left and right. In the middle of 4th season 4 main characters already got killed.

id : 5d63e84caafebd0019a71b10

I thought this show was and is great but I think sometimes the writers get confused about what's real and what the viewers would imagine what would be real if things were to happen today and being in LA, it gets confusing then slow like a lot of shows where they out of ideas that's why they all slow their 📺 down until they come up with a 🧠 storm or ✂️ the show short and give you a family!

id : 5d796d5339549a001298880a

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