My Secret, Terrius

A woman named Go Ae-Rin loses her husband. Along with her neighbour Kim Bon, who is a NIS agent, they discover the truth behind her husband's involvement in a huge conspiracy.

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Genres: Mystery | Comedy | Action & Adventure |
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My Secret, Terrius-Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 27-09-2018
  • Total Sessions: 1
  • Total Episodes: 32
  • Vote Count: 7
  • IMDB Rating: 8.1
  • Network: MBC |
  • Status: Ended
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Photo Name Character
So Ji-sub-Azwaad Movie Database So Ji-sub Kim Bon
Jung In-sun-Azwaad Movie Database Jung In-sun Go Ae-Rin
Son Ho-jun-Azwaad Movie Database Son Ho-jun Jin Yong-Tae
Im Se-mi-Azwaad Movie Database Im Se-mi Yoo Ji-Yeon
Sung Joo-Azwaad Movie Database Sung Joo Ra Do-Woo
Kim Yeo-jin-Azwaad Movie Database Kim Yeo-jin Shim Eun-Ha
Jung Si-a-Azwaad Movie Database Jung Si-a Bong Sun-Mi
Kang Ki-young-Azwaad Movie Database Kang Ki-young Kim Sang-Ryeol
Uhm Hyo-sup-Azwaad Movie Database Uhm Hyo-sup Shim Woo-Cheol
Seo Yi-sook-Azwaad Movie Database Seo Yi-sook Kwon Young-Sil

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